Re-home Your Akita

If you've come to the decision to re-home your Akita you will no doubt want to ensure that it is found a good, secure and loving home. We can help you! Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust UK (ARW) have the knowledge and experience to deal with finding your dog a good home.

Please complete the form below answering all questions with asterisks. This will provide us with as much information about your Akita as possible so we can start the process of finding it a new loving forever home.

Please provide at least one contact telephone number.

Help us to help your Akita! In order to advertise your Akita successfully we need a few very good photographs. Outdoor shots - head and head/body - are great. Please upload at least ONE photograph but more are preferred so we have a selection to choose from.

Please ensure photos are no larger than 1MB in size. Thank you.

Agreement: I understand that by submitting my dog's details to Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust (ARW), I am asking and authorising ARW to find a new home for my Akita by advertising its details on the website and by any other means they chose to engage.

I understand that I will not receive any financial reward from ARW or the adopter following the successful rehoming of my Akita. I further agree to inform the ARW should I rehome my dog myself within 24 hours of doing so in order to stop the charity's limited and valuable time and resources being wasted.

I also agree that should I rehome my dog without informing the ARW I may be liable to cover any reasonable expenses the ARW has incurred in their efforts to find my dog a new home.

Please note if you are attaching large pictures this form will take a few minutes or longer to process. You will receive a message when the form has been successfully sent.

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