Django & Georgia

Django & Georgia
Django & Georgia

Meet Django & Georgia.

This stunning duo are 7 years young, they are siblings and have been searching for their home for long enough.  

Both Django & Georgia absolutely love company, being the centre of attention is what they do best.

They are a very friendly pair they don’t require much - just a loving home to call their own. They are a bonded pair, so they would need to stay together.

They enjoy their walks, exploring the great outdoors. Once they are back in the kennel environment, they enjoy observing what’s going on around them; they don’t miss a trick. They are both strong on the lead, but do settle after a short while. Both dogs also know basic commands.

They can be mischievous if there was anything laying around, such as rubbish, - they would destroy it. However, they are not destructive with their beds and belongings. 

They don’t play with toys together as it causes fights, but separately they really enjoy playing with them. They are kept apart during feeding time, as Django can guard his food more than Georgia.

This beautiful duo would need a home with breed experience and someone who can offer them what they need.

If you can offer this dynamic duo the home they deserve then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

* Please note we are waiting for full assessments to be returned, both dogs currently in Ireland.