This bundle of fun is 18 month old Bella, she is absolutely full of beans. 


Bella is looking for a new home as she has become a little too much to handle, she is well behaved for her human dad but tries to be the boss when he is not at home. 


This sweet girl just needs someone to show her how to act like a polite well mannered young lady, therefore we are looking for a breed experienced home for Bella, she will definitely require a confidant owner that will commit to training and socialisation.


Bella has unfortunately picked up

some bad habits along the way she can be very jumpy and mouthy at times there’s no aggression it’s pure excitement. 


Our assessor said the Bella was a lovely girl but it did take a little while to settle down, when she did settle she took her treats very gently and loved lots of fusses.    

Bella does pull on her walks and is excited to see other dogs, she would benefit from some lead training. 


Bella currently lives with a toddler and is not bothered at all by him but due to her size and boisterous tendencies we feel Bella would be better suited to living with either all adults or she could potentially live with dog savvy older teenage children 


Bella will need to be the only per in the household 


If you have the time, patience and knowledge to help Bella flourish into the polite young lady we know she can be then we want to hear from YOU! 


Please note: 

Bella will need to be spayed under ARW guidelines. 


To apply to adopt Bella you can do so at