Name: Peanut
Age:  20 months
Gender: Female
Neutered/Spayed: No - will be
Location:  Sy Albans
Dog Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: Yes - with careful introductions


Just look at this beautiful girl, Peanut has found herself on the look out for a new forever family at just 20 months of age.


Peanut is still very much a puppy, she’s inquisitive, adorable and a fun loving dog. She would thrive in an environment with stimulation and a firm, but fair guardian to guide her and help her in her journey of learning and being a great member of the family.


Peanut knows quite a few basic commands and will sit, give paw etc. 

She is a clever young girl who will enjoy learning particularly if there’s a treat involved. 

She is a little mouthy at times when excited, but this is most likely as she is still very young, this is typical puppy behaviour and not aggression. 


Peanut can approach other dogs whilst on lead and can be a little cautious, so she would need lots of practice and socialisation whilst he is a puppy. 


As Peanut is very young and bouncy we would recommend no small children. 

She could potentially live with a well mannered cat pending successful introductions

If Peanut would slot nicely into your family then we want to hear from you. 


Please note Peanut will be Spayed under ARWS spaying and neutering agreement. 


Location: St Albans