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Eddy needs a home. Watch his video
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TOPIC: Eddy needs a home. Watch his video

Eddy needs a home. Watch his video 21 Apr 2012 14:27 #4793

  • Stephanie
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Heartbreaking that this boy has been in kennels for so long. If you wish to foster or adopt Eddy please complete this form


Watch Eddy's agility video - no laughing now....

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Re: Eddy needs a home. Watch his video 21 Apr 2012 15:09 #4797

  • xmuadx
  • Akita Savie
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Certainly no laughing at this boy, it made me cry to see how eager he is to please. I think hes a fabulous looking dog, and seems sound. Hoping someone will watch the clip and fall in love with him.

Re: Eddy needs a home. Watch his video 21 Apr 2012 15:58 #4799

  • Hattiesmum
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Oh my..... I know Eddie. I got him collected from a pound, where the man was so soft nobody ever got pTS and so he had dogs everywhere, and delivered to a cattery, where he had to stay overnight, where I picked him up from and took him to Ferne.

He was in a huge industrial building full of cats in cages and him. It really ponged. The owner of the cattery was on 2 walking sticks and couldn't do much so I had to go get him from the cats. Eddie pulled like a train when I fished him out of 'his cat house' and lifted him into my car. He wasn't very big and he farted for England. But he was very cute and he got on so well at Ferne his first time around.

He has a terrific temperment from my brief relationship with him. He was absolutely fine with a strange lady bundling him into a car. He would be a great dog for someone. Not handsome but a good honest dog. He has put on weight since I last saw him and he is in a beautiful rescue where they really love the animals.

Re: Eddy needs a home. Watch his video 21 Apr 2012 18:15 #4804

Awwww that is so sad I am nearly in tears and I really feel for this dog,it is so sad,he is a beautiful looking dog and I would love to have him,I just really wanna grow up because I want to foster Akitas in need from the ARW when Im older and of course have one or two and hopefully will be able to foster if mine are ok with others when Im older of course.

But that is a dog that deserves the bestest chance really Im not saying other dogs do because every dog well everything deserves a chance but this boy needs a chance!! It is so sad

Jessica&Charlie Boy

Re: Eddy needs a home. Watch his video 21 Apr 2012 18:46 #4806

  • Hattiesmum
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Jessica - it is sad he is a really nice dog. There is no horrible side to him at all. he is not flashy, in fact he is a bit plain as akitas go. He had such a close cropped coat the rescue thought he wasn't an akita. He looks better now. But from my day with him - stinking the car out - he was as good as gold and I had no issues with him at all. If I could I too would give him a chance. But I have a nutty girl with no manners (her fault not mine - she has to jump on everyone) and not enough time to have another right now. If I did I would not hesitate. he's a good boy. But his rescue is the height of luxury. You would want to be there if you were a dog.
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Re: Eddy needs a home. Watch his video 27 Apr 2012 16:01 #4872

Yeaa,I bet he is such a golden boy!!!!! And I wish I could give him a chance but Im sure he will be fine where he is now!!

Jessica&Charlie Boy
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