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Best style of leash to control Akita
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TOPIC: Best style of leash to control Akita

Best style of leash to control Akita 15 Feb 2016 16:47 #10081

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Hi. Am new to this group, I am looking for advice on what type of leash is best for my Akita. I am short and not very strong and my 6 month old can pull (despite training) I have been looking up Gencon and dogmatic over the nose style leash, what are people's opinions?

Re: Best style of leash to control Akita 16 Feb 2016 10:02 #10082

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Hi welcome,my boy is 3 in may and pulls like a train I have tried allsorts but the best to date and it stops him in his tracks is the k9 bridle (www.k9bridle.co) the only drawback I find is that it marks his nose for a while after use on the plus side it has a safety attachment should they get it off they are still attached to the collar best of luck Bill&Ben.

Re: Best style of leash to control Akita 17 Feb 2016 17:01 #10083

Hello and welcome to the forum

I've never used an over the nose sorta face harness on Asia, but I used one on my first akita Benny and when I first put it on him he hated it, so I put it on him when he was indoors and I'd play with him while he was wearing it so that he would see it as a fun thing he began to accept the face harness and then I could walk him on it. I used to connect his lead to the harness and his collar because I was always worried that he would wriggle out of the harness. Asia wears a body harness, some people use a body harness and a face harness, you would have to use two leads though, one attached to each harness. Asia had no street training when she came to me so it was just a matter of praise and reward, when she was behaving really bad on her lead, I would just stop the walk and get her to sit for a while then walk on, stop/sit again if she misbehaved and this would continue through the walk, she eventually latched on to the fact that if she didn't pull on her lead she continue on her walk 6 months is still very young so you've got plenty of time and you will soon have a well behaved akita to walk

I really can't remember the name of the face harness I used on my old Benny but I know the "canny collar" is recommended by a lot of people, there are so many now that it might be a matter of trying a few different ones.
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Re: Best style of leash to control Akita 22 Feb 2016 14:36 #10088

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I have found the slip leads the best to train dogs to walk to heel. What do you use now? I make my dog sit before the lead goes on and then I go out of the door first, she comes out slightly behind me. If she's excited I stand still until she has relaxed and sat down. This could take a couple of minutes for her to sit down. My brothers Akitas wear those harnesses and they drag him all over. I put my slip lead on his most unruly one and I had her walking to heel within 15 minutes. All I did was keep a relaxed grip on the lead and as she pulled I stopped and stood still. I would wait until she calmed down before setting off again and just kept repeating stopping as she pulled. Its important to remember that what you are feeling is transferred through the lead and not to use the slip lead to yank your dog back with.

Re: Best style of leash to control Akita 22 Feb 2016 16:59 #10089

Perfect Kavlar78 everything you said is spot on I used a twisted fabric slip collar on Asia when we first got her and when it's used in the way you suggest it works very well, as soon as dog begins to pull, stop, sit, walk on, using a single command for each action, it's so easy to get cought up in a "conversation" with your dog e.g. "now don't be naughty! stop pulling!" ect. one or two words doesn't confuse the dog being consistent is important too, stick to the rutine you've worked out and make it simple, add treat rewards if needed, Asia is very treat orientated my old Benny just liked to be called a good boy

Asia only progressed to a body harness once she was fully trained and now that she's an elderly lady she prefers the harness
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