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TOPIC: Behaviour change

Re: Behaviour change 29 May 2016 22:27 #10133

I'm so pleased for you and Beau My Asia has been on Gabapentin for a few weeks now, just like you I have recently found an amazing young vet who took her off metacam and put her on the gabapentin for her arthritis and the effect was almost instant, she could hardly walk and was in constant discomfort but now she is like a puppy again, but even though she is so much better I still have to stop her from being too active because the arthiritic damage is still there and she can make it worse by over doing things, but because she can't feel the pain I won't be able to know if she's causing herself problems, if you know what I mean But it's an amazing drug I just hope the positive effects last, apparently it has very few side effects, unlike metacam, Asia showed improvements every day and is now so much more relaxed, she has even started to play with her teddies again! So I can really understand your relief to see Beau improving by the day. Does the vet know what is causing Beau's pain?

Please keep us updated on how Beau gets on
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Re: Behaviour change 29 May 2016 23:13 #10134

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I know it's such a relief today she was more like her old self playing with me, hubby and grandson The only downside it's given her diarrhoea but she'd on chicken and rice until it subsides which she loves anyway. Beau's had arthritis in her back legs and hip dysplasia since we got her when she was 2. She also had 2 slipped discs in her back. She developed arthritis in her front legs also a couple of years back. I've rheumatoid arthritis so know what she is going through. She's like a sleeping baby at the side of me. And your right it's lovely to see her feeling better but I'm very aware of what soldiering on can do as I've had a knee replacement years ago for doing just that. Great to hear Asia is doing well too

Re: Behaviour change 30 May 2016 14:46 #10135

My Asia didn't have diarrhea but the day after she started the pills she was panting all day, the vet said it wasn't really a side effect, but it could be because she feels a bit different, it all calmed down the next day though

The chicken and rice is good for diarrhea but have you tried a large carrot? my Asia loves a carrot and they are very good for the bowels and firm things up I give them to Asia frozen or as they come, they've always sorted her out As Asia is allergic to all pre-prepared dog foods and treatsI have to cook all her food and I give her frozen carrots as a treat, she loves to get stuck in and I hope the hard frozen ones help her teeth a bit

Beau has a lot of problems that cause pain doesn't she bless her so fingers crossed that the gabapentin continues to work it's magic for a very long time Sorry to hear about your knee, but I'm glad the the replacement has sorted it out

Please keep the updates coming on how Beau is getting on
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