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dog agression changed since first rescued
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TOPIC: dog agression changed since first rescued

dog agression changed since first rescued 23 Nov 2011 18:28 #2000

  • jan.e
  • Bear Puppy
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We have had Martha since June and she is wonderful with people and at first was not a problem with other dogs, accepting them up close. After a while she started to lay down when some dogs (not all) were approaching even on other side of the road. Over the last few weeks she has got more aggitated with other dogs and just over the last week had a go at a couple of dogs when they have got close. I am worried she is going to get worse and am nervous at taking her out on my own now as I would not be strong enough to hold on to her if she really decided to lurch.
We wondered if she has changed because she has accepted us now as her family and is being protective of us? or is there another reason? Would appreciate any advice you can give us.
Thanks Jan

Re: dog agression changed since first rescued 23 Nov 2011 19:44 #2001

  • Joomla
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Hi Jan,
Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your time here
It could be that she has now settled in and is more confident and seeing how far she can push you.
My boy Shiro used to be very dog aggressive as he had been attacked by off leaders over 30 times. It has taken quiet a few years to sort him out, but for the past couple of years has been much better, mind he is 9 1/2yrs now
How old is Martha? has she been speyed? When was her last season if not speyed?
Try putting treats in your pocket, ones that she really likes. Every time you see a dog, ask Martha to sit and treat her. Tell her to stay and keep her distracted from the dog, and treat her when she does not react to the other dog.
The more you show you are nervouse the more she will react, as she will feel it through her lead and know there is something to react to. Try to stay calm when you see another dog, easier said than done, i know, but it will help.
You could also try a halti, canny collar or gentle leader. All these help you controller Martha so she will not pull on the lead, you would be best going to something like Pets@home, as they will let you try one on her to make sure you have the right size. You can have a look on ebay once you know what size you will need, they might be a wee bit cheaper.
Others will be on with more sugestions, and try rhem all if you have to and see which one works best for you and Martha.
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Re: dog agression changed since first rescued 23 Nov 2011 21:06 #2002

  • jan.e
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Thanks Denise, Martha is about 5 or 6 she came into season just after we got her in June and we got her speyed in September. We have no history for her but she did not look as if she had been badly treated and she has definitely been well trained, good on the lead and knows all the commands. We take a treat bag out but have not used them as you suggest so can give that a try.

Re: dog agression changed since first rescued 23 Nov 2011 23:29 #2003

Hello Jan,
My Asia was a bit of a nutter when we got her, she still has a dislike for paticular dogs, but I used the treat technique in the same way that Denise has suggested, I've always used it with success for my dogs, it took a little time and lots of patience with Asia but she soon began to realize that seeing another dog meant treat time! The idea is that when your Martha sees another dog approaching she looks at you for a treat instead of eyeballing and diving at the dog, it`s distraction and it works, at first I would get Asia to sit then give her the treat, but in time (and I still do this now) I just take the treat from my pocket and hold it just in front of her nose and keep on walking saying "gooooood girl!" then once we've passed the other dog I let her take the treat as we walk on, I often give her another treat just to keep her interest on me these days she hardley needs it as she`s such a good girl now

When you start to see results (which should be very quick) you'll begin to feel more relaxed :)Pplease let us know how you get on
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Re: dog agression changed since first rescued 15 Jan 2012 14:35 #2722

Well I run a dog walking service for the local people in my area and I walk........

Molly:Blue merle border collie
Riley:Border collie
Tanya:Patterdale terrier mix
Tina:Brindle Staffie
D'Arcy;Liver and white english springer spaniel

And sometimes a few others on occassion just when the owners ned it but every day these dogs above get walked because there owners are working etc. Anyway sometimes I have had quite a few problems on walks such as dog aggression that I have been warned about and every time I go on walk I do let them off the lead because they can be3 and do come back however, I do have to take my treat bag FULL of treats every time because a few of them can be very very aggressive towards other dogs and need to be distracted and put on the lead, not all of them but Tanya especially and Riley and a few others not mentioned. So I would use the treat technique as it honestly does work, I'm 12 and I have a lot of experience with dog training and walking so try it!!! My dog has never had aggression problems at all apart from my Aunties Japanaese Akita Nushka but she is 8 years old and is getting grumpy in her age but I soon helped my auntie train her with the 'treat trick'

Good luck with Martha and welcome to the forum by the way and please let us know how it goes and get some pictures of your pooch on here!!!!!!!
Jessica and the gang.

Re: dog agression changed since first rescued 15 Jan 2012 15:09 #2723

  • AkitaInu
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It sounds like classic anxiety/concern of the approaching dog. Lying down is usually a sign of insecurity, so they make themselves smaller and less noticeable. Then, if the dog continues to come closer, the lunge is a fear reaction as the 'hide' didn't work so now they try a 'go away'. This usually works (as the other owner takes the other dog away) and so they repeat that lunge pattern more often as it makes the scary dog go away.

I would recommend (bearing in mind I haven't seen you so am only guessing) that you take her out in a halti/headcollar and a harness. Attach the harness around your waist (I'm assuming you only have 2 hands) and a treatbag around your waist. Then, often on your walk, stop, ask for attention (if you like a sit and look at you or just a turn and look) and treat. This is so she understands what you're asking (look at me). Then if you see a dog, before she fixates, ask her to turn and look to you, if needed gently guide her head around and treat and keep her focus on you until the dog goes.

Does this make sense?
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