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TOPIC: Akita's in a mixed pack

Re: Akita's in a mixed pack 18 Feb 2012 12:23 #3695

I agree with all posts, good luck!

Jessica and the gang:*

Re: Akita's in a mixed pack 18 Feb 2012 17:04 #3705

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i think at least your taking the right steps to making sure the akita is for you.ive had a few breeds of dog in my life but the akita is something special to me they are highly intelligent and stubborn and for me they are a dominant breed and want to be top dog.ive had my akita from 13 weeks old and now hes 2 and half in that time hes been great with dogs out walking but 9 out of ten of them have shown aggression to him but ive noticed in the past month if a dog hes passing shows any aggression hes started showing it back.hes grown up with my mums dog a westie and sees him every week and loves him to bits but you get a treat out for them and my diesel will drop is treat and take the treat of my mums westie eat that and then eat his own but theres no growling or biting involved he just forces the treat from him of coarse we dont allow them to have a treat in the same room anymore but thats just a small sign of dominance
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