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TOPIC: Aggression

Aggression 12 Feb 2012 18:25 #3484

Hi im looking for some help and advice. I own two Akita's one dog 7 years old and one bitch 8 years old. They both will not tolerate any other dogs, as soon as they see another dog they want to attack. What is really worrying is that the other day a dog layeddwon in front of them and totally submitted to them and they still tried to attack it. Walking them is getting near impossible due t the strength of them both. Also they used to be very good on the lead and now the bitch is constantly pulling although the dog is still very good on the lead.
Any advice or help on the aggression would be great, im really worried about what could happen.

Re: Aggression 12 Feb 2012 19:01 #3486

  • Stephanie
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Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that you are having problems.

Have you owned them since they were pups? Are they spayed and neutered? Do you walk them using head collars? Have you considered muzzling them on walks? About 70% or more of Akitas are not dog friendly. Have you considered a behaviourist who could advise you on how to control your dogs in public?
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Re: Aggression 12 Feb 2012 19:11 #3487

Hi Thanks for the welcome.

Yes i have owned them both since they were pups and the dog is neutered but she has not been spayed. I walk them with a normal collar as she seems to be able to slip every other collar i have used. i am aware that most akita.s are not dog friendly but this only seems to have become a problem over the last 18 months or so.
I have used a muzzle on her but she always manages to take it off !!!


Re: Aggression 12 Feb 2012 22:37 #3503

Hi Andy & welcome.....sorry to hear about your problem .....there's a couple of members on the forum who are very good with behaviour problems, hope they read this & can help you....I have a similar problem with Maya.....I try my best to avoid any dogs coming our way, I even go down someone's driveway!!, or cross the road...thinks it's the Akita's nature .....like you I had a Spaniel come up to Maya in the park the other day & rolled over onto its back, but Maya still went for it ....she was on her lead & the Spaniel was running free. which really makes me sooooo angry ....when will dog owners realise not to let a dog off its lead run up to a dog on the lead??!!....just asking for trouble ....like you it takes me all my strength to keep Maya under contol....anyway I hope someone can help on the forum ....let us know how you get on .....what's your dogs names?? & hope you can post some pics of them too .....Pam Maya & Scoobie
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Re: Aggression 12 Feb 2012 22:50 #3508

  • sarah
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hi and welcome to the forum.

i have two akitas and when together there aggression for other dogs is terrible.
Freya my female is absolutely fine with other dogs when not with bully boy Thor, they changed when freya came into the family. he is quite good with slow introductions and now we are able to foster laid back females and we have 2 cavaliers too all added to the pack after Thor.

i would say that they are most certainly feeding off each others energies, when i first started having problems with mine i stopped walking them together and went back to basics with thor distracting him when we came across other dogs, he got really bad and would be jumping all over the place, few weeks of heel walking at my pace and distracting him every time we came across a dog and rewarding for good behaviour and i was able to walk them together again.

a few months ago we also had an incident with a cat and now i dont walk them together at all. basically if you can not 100% control your dog you are at some point going to run into trouble.

good luck and keep us posted.
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Re: Aggression 13 Feb 2012 08:15 #3514

  • AkitaInu
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Firstly I would stop walking them together, they will be easier to control alone as they won't encourage each other and they will be easier to hold if there's only one.

Secondly I strongly recommend a trip to the vet - check for any pain, sensitivity in all areas, eye problems and a FULL 5 panel tyroid check, thyroid issues are a common reason for aggression. The fact that it's come on at this age suggests to me thyroid or arthritis/hip/elbow/eye issues as a likely underlying cause. Failing eyesight is likely to make them a lot more reactive and defensive as they feel more vulnerable.

Then, and only then would I start working on training. If you don't ensure any physical problems are not the cause (or resolved) then training will only have so much effect. You really do need a good (positive) trainer, and in the interim manage the situation with a muzzle and maybe a headcollar in addition to your collar so that you can move their heads away.
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