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TOPIC: nervous akita

nervous akita 27 Sep 2011 10:23 #708

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just a question to you good people my best mate diesel who ive add from been 13 weeks old has been very nervous has he as matured the things hes been nervous of whice was just about anything have gone down i even had him to puppy classes whice helped at present hes coming up to 2years old in october he loves dogs and cats and people he knows and is doing very well on the lead but still nervous of certain things kids scooters are number one whice he is petrifde of also of unfamiliar objects hes with strangers hes very weiry just backs of and barks but hes not an aggressive dog whice is one of the things i love about himand probably the most inteligent dogs ive ever had one example been me haveing to turn the door handles round in the house because he soon worked out how to open them.

Re: nervous akita 27 Sep 2011 12:02 #709

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Well done for getting to the point you have, it is not easy when you have a nervous fearfull dog. Is Diesel food orintated ?? Will he do things for treats??
If a person approaches and you know he is going to back off and bark, try and distract him from the person and have treats in your pocket, try and get him to sit, when he does give a treat, ask the person to ignore him, and the longer he stays sat and not barking, tell him good boy and treat, so he associates good things with people when he does'nt back off and bark.
Kids scooters, is there a place, say a park that you can sit on a bench or wall, agian ask Diesel to sit, not to close to the kids, but a distance away, and the longer he sits and shows no fear, tell hi good boy and treat, do this several times for about 15mins or so for a couple of days, and if he is ok with it, then see if you can go a couple of feet closer to where the kids are playing on their scooters.
It is time and patience, which you have had over the past couple of years with him, he will get better gradually.
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Re: nervous akita 27 Sep 2011 15:38 #713

Yes I agree with Denise that is a good idea, but if this doesn't work you could try and contact a social dog class to help out, just search in Google social dog classes in....(and then wherever you live).

Good luck, let us know how Diesel gets on please.
Jessica and the gang.

Re: nervous akita 27 Sep 2011 21:22 #730

Sorry to hear Diesel has this nervous problem Mick...Denise has given sound advice & hopefully if he likes his treats it should work in time, but be patient!......my son had the same problem with his Rottie Sunny when he rescued him at 8mths old...traffic, loud noises, loads of people, people on bikes etc. etc.....it took him a time, to rid him of his nervousness & now nothing (apart from fireworks) worries him,.....has he ever been looked after by someone else???....had to laugh about the door handles!!...like you said Akitas are very intellegant dogs....cross fingers all goes well & like Jessica said keep in touch & let us know Diesel's progress......Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: nervous akita 27 Sep 2011 22:36 #733

Like you say, he is very clever by the sound of it so doing the stuff denise suggested should work with him My Asia was fearful of strangers when I got her, it was a very slow proccess but by using treats she soon realised that strangers wern`t so bad after all At first her back would go up and she would recoil when a stranger approached her, so I would tell the stranger that Asia was nervous of strangers and it would be very helpful if they would give Asia a treat, I got her to sit and then asked the stranger to hold the treat in their open hand and offer it to Asia without looking at her, Asia would nervously take the treat and then we'd do it again, It took a few weeks for her nervousness to ease a bit and for her to become more confident and a few months for her to be completly at ease with strangers I always found that people who wanted to pet her were very willing to help out, but you have to be consistant and stick to the rutine, there musn`t be to much fussying her, just a calm "good girl" when she behaves The same sort of calmness and treats should work for his other insecuity`s
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Re: nervous akita 01 Oct 2011 14:14 #788

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thanks for all your advise whice is most welcome i do know that akitas in general are weary of strangers like you say these things do take time.he is much better than he was and i think has he gets older these fears will go. even know its taking him shorter time to approach people so things are going in the right direction.when he was about seven months i had him out for a walk when this couple approached me wanting to stroke him hsa soon as they got near he was just pulling to get away and i said to them that hes nervous around strangers and the woman said that dog as been mistreated i tried to reassure her that ide had him from been 13 weeks old and no one would ever mistreat him or had i was so upset by what she had said in the end i told her my address and said to ring the rspca on me if thats what she thought and things like that stick in your mind.
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