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TOPIC: nervous akita

Re: nervous akita 07 Oct 2011 16:09 #1006

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well I have a two year old that I have had since she was 6 weeks old. Not only that I knew her since she was 3 weeks old as her mum couldn't look after the litter. So hand reared. She is the sweetest, most loving dog ever and I have had a fair few dogs in my life. She is my 5th akita.

She has never know a moments ill treatment in her life and has been socialized since she was 6 weeks old. I carried her around in a shoulder bag. She has been to puppy school, dog school the lot. Was perfectly OK at all the dog schools she has been to - an eager participant infact. BUT - some people, some horses, kids on bikes, bikes in general, angry dogs however small she is terrified of. You can hardly hold her she will bolt. Hates it.

Food treats have no effect on her when the fear takes her. She just wants to be away for the source of her fear as fast as possible.

For instance this morning a couple of professional dog walkers came by and the man wanted to stroke her - she was clearly scared and I was too as I thought any moment now she will snap (so held her lead like grim death)and then shortly afterwards we met the local dog warden who hopped out of her van to say hello and rushed straight up to Hattie and hugged her - Hattie loved her - never seen her before - but had seen the dog walker before several times - so I can't account for it nor know how you deal with it as food treats and petting her have no effect. Never had the problem before - I just think some dogs like some people are a bit shy. It is a pre wired condition?????

Re: nervous akita 07 Oct 2011 20:55 #1031

I think you're right there.....poor Hattie....we humans have our unfounded fears, so why not animals??.....Hattie was probably ok with the dog warden because she knows how to approach dogs, most dog wardens love dogs & they can pick up on it.....there's a woman down my road who breeds little dogs(which I don't agree with) & she also takes in strays & rehomes them, well my Maya will lick any stranger that she comes accross, but with this woman she pulls away & barks at her!!.won't have anything to do with her at all!!....dogs are so sensitive & can pick up bad vibes, which I thinks is amazing...I'm not saying this woman is bad, but there's no smoke without fire!!.....maybe that's why they get nervous or defensive, because they sense bad vibes???...Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: nervous akita 08 Oct 2011 15:19 #1059

I think you are both right because when I take Inka for walks he will just try and lick or cuddle anyone thats wants to know him or ask to stroke him but yesterday or the other day sometime when I took him out someone asked to stroke him so I obviously said yeh sure and it was a man and Inka didn't react in an aggrresive way but a very very nervous and scared way he crouched down and really really pulled on the lead to get away from this man! I got a bit freaked out because I thought maybe Inka knows that this man is dangerous or trouble or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I suppose dogs react indifferent ways, and just have different ways of doing things or showing something.
Jessica and the gang.
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