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TOPIC: HELP!! Naughty Mika!!!

HELP!! Naughty Mika!!! 18 Feb 2013 18:01 #8218

On Friday,my partner, Josh, took Mika to the local "Dog Park." There were about 5 dogs on there, Mika has always been a friendly dog and LOVES other dogs big or small.
After after about 30 mins of playing (off the lead) a Boxer and Lab came on to the aprk, they ran straight over to Mika and they were barking. Mika growled at them, the Lab ran off and then she started to bark really aggressively to the Boxer. We have never seen Mika do anything like this, so my partner told Mika off and put her on her lead.
Other dog walkers told my partner not to do this as Mika was in the right and she was showing her dominance.

Mika has been out with us all weekend, back to the Dog Park and another field that we go to regularly. There were other dogs that she loved playing with.

Today, Josh took Mika to a local field as soon as he took the lead off she ran off, no listening to Josh calling her back. Mika then ran over to a whippet and began attack the whippet, Josh couldnt get Mika back to him, she was circling the whippet and growling and lunging for it. Another dog (Small terrier) ran over , and the whippets owner shouted to the terrier owner to "watch out" Mika then lunged and tried to maul the terrier, flinging it in every which way!!!

We are terribly concerned and unsure of what to do for the best!!
Mika is still only 10months old and she is usually very calm yet can be playful.
What should we do?!?!?!
Keep Mika on a lead constantly? Get a muzzle?
Please help!!

Re: HELP!! Naughty Mika!!! 18 Feb 2013 19:27 #8219

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The advice we always give when anyone adopts a Akita from us is "Never let your Akita off lead in public places"
The Akitas can be aggressive with other dogs, particully of the same sex. She is at the age to start the teenage tantrums bit, and Akitas are definatly well known for their total lack of recall genes !!
You need to keep her on lead in the future and go back to basic training to get her back on track. Only let her off lead in an enclosed area with one or two dogs she gets on with when she has calmed down. Has she had a season yet?? or is she due to come in season ?? Hormones could be playing apart in this as well.
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Re: HELP!! Naughty Mika!!! 18 Feb 2013 19:35 #8220

She had her season at the end of Dec through to Jan.

Keeping her on lead is fine with us, just really scary when something like this happens!

We'll see how she gets on, hopefully get it sorted!

Thanks Denise!

Re: HELP!! Naughty Mika!!! 19 Feb 2013 22:47 #8226

I go with everything Denise says, definatly keep her on a lead at all times, we never let her off the lead, we use a long, strong retractable lead so she still gets lots of free run ans he goes swimming, but she is alwasy under control and seen to be under control We know she dopesn't like terriors and can be very moody at times, so it's best not to take chances and avoid areas that are dog or people busy as some akita's can be very quick at changing their mood And as Denise says, a bit of re-learning her basic training (in a teenager sort of way ) will be handy, she might need a bit more of a sterner approach now no muzzle though
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Re: HELP!! Naughty Mika!!! 20 Feb 2013 09:52 #8232

I agree with what the others say too.

Has she only started acting like this since the Boxer problem? She may feel insecure and as if she needs to show the other dogs who is in charge (dominance).

I personally think that with the Boxer, she had a right to growl as she probably wasn't expecting the two dogs to run up to her and start barking/growling at her.

Try and use techniques as well, if she is lunging for dogs on the lead as well/trying to run up to them to meet them, try techniques when out walking and passing dogs, get her focus on you, away from the other dog by using treats or her favourite toy and get her to sit, she will then learn that not every passing by dog is a danger to her, and will eventually learn to ignore them when passing by

Hope this helps a little.
I haven't been on the forum in a while and your new to me, welcome.

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