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TOPIC: Chewing

Re: Chewing 08 Apr 2013 20:19 #8555

Mika has never done any sort of destroying.... until last week!!!
She has ripped apart our entire sofa!!
She has had the same routine since being a pup, long walk in the morning and then left in the house for a few hours whilst we are at work ( we both work full time, but he works early, and I work late which means she is only ever left in the hose max 41/2 hours! (She has been left longer before without destroying anything).

However there have been a few changes the past week which we think may be causing destruction:
1.Mika is experiencing her first "shed". (maybe her skin is irritated, we've been giving her extra veg in her meals to add moisture)
2.The sunny weather..(Is she feeling the warmth from the window and wanting to go out??)
3. Our cat is in season (the cat is in a seperate room during the day, but when they're together the cat tries to "mate" with the dog.

We really are hoping that this is a phase, not only is it out of character for her, but we cant afford to kep buying new sofas!!


Re: Chewing 09 Apr 2013 22:38 #8568

Let's hope it's just bit of a backward step, it could be the cat ant the other changes that have unsettled her, but these doggy brains are hard to fathem sometimes I think the best thing is not to replace the settee until your absolutly sure she's settled. I know it's hard to live a tattered settee but from experience I'm sure replacing the torn stuff looks like "Ooooh! a nice new settee to tear up!" but perhaps if it's left in tatters the novalty for Mika will wear off
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Re: Chewing 10 Apr 2013 10:01 #8569

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We had the same, with a Chesterfield reduced to pieces no bigger than 2" in a couple of hours by Zumi. She also chewed through a Mahogany door to enlarge the catflap, ate a caravan, and once had a present in her mouth when I came back to my van- the indicator lever.

Sometimes you have to accept bored Akitas can be naughty and try to see the humour in it. I don't miss the Chesterfield but I do miss old Zumi.

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