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TOPIC: New Addition

New Addition 18 May 2013 18:07 #8797

  • akita1
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Hi Everyone,I have not been on for a while since losing Zak in august really,to be honest I found it a bit depressing,but the good news is that last night out of the blue I was called to a family meeting ! and asked if we could get another Akita as in their words the place is miserable and empty,I must admit this has come as a complete shock as I thought they would never entertain another furball I am finding this quite a daunting and exiting prospect,but at the same time cant help but think I am cheating on Zak to some degree.Bill & Zak.

Re: New Addition 18 May 2013 19:11 #8799

  • Teresa
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Hi BIll, Great to see you back.

Its very true when they say a house is not a home without a dog!

There is also a saying, our dogs want us not to mourn them, but to open our hearts and homes ready for the next in need.

So, its an exciting time in your house at the moment then. Please keep us up to date, looking forward to your updates
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Re: New Addition 19 May 2013 19:29 #8801

  • stellalgray
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Hi Bill great to see you back with us.

I really know how you feel - it does feel like an act of betrayal to take another dog in and we vowed we would never have another after we lost our Sid (that's him in my profile picture). But the house was so empty we only lasted 2 months before we adopted Hugo and then, because he was lonely if we left him on his own, we added Pip to our family 3 months after that.

We still sometimes feel really sad about Sid and I, in particular, can be reduced to tears at the slightest thing about him but we also look back on some splendid memories of him and often see very similar traits in Hugo.

All in all, Sid will never be forgotten or replaced but we feel he would have been mightily pleased that we have given two more Akitas a forever home. It has certainly helped heal a lot of the hurt that Sid's passing caused - with these two to keep us on our toes it's hard not to smile and start building another set of memories.

Take care - you might find that not only is there an Akita out there that needs you but you actually need them just as much. They do rather get under your skin don't they!


Re: New Addition 19 May 2013 23:23 #8803

Good to see you back Bill and I'm glad you're thinking of giving another akita all the love and happiness that made Zac such a lucky boy

I still miss all my passed on dogs, I still cry for them but I've always got another dog quite soon after the others have passed on, my home isn't complete without a dog and although I'll always shed a tear or two for my previous dogs the "new boy or girl" have brough the smiles that helped to ease the pain of loss. When we got Asia I knew my old Benny would be pleased because he used to get very upset and woo woo when I was feeling down, he would have wanted me to be happy as I'm sure Zac would want you to be happy with a new akita friend in your life

Please keep us updated
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Re: Meet Ben. 27 Jun 2013 15:05 #8981

  • akita1
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Hi everyone,this is my new friend Ben who will be 10 weeks old on Friday and will be coming to his new home on sunday.Bill&Zak.
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Re: Meet Ben. 27 Jun 2013 17:00 #8982

Oh Bill! how sweet is he Ben is a very good name, my old Benny was one of the best I'm sure your new boy will make you very happy and create lots of new and happy memories for you
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