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I recently adopted an Akita - any advice?
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TOPIC: I recently adopted an Akita - any advice?

Re: I recently adopted an Akita - any advice? 29 Jan 2014 12:51 #9419

Me again Betty just in case you're not aware of akita casting I thought I'd post this picture to give you an idea of how much they moult akita's cast the whole of the undercoat about once a year and this picture shows just the start of Asia's cast, there were a ton more bags full to come after this lot

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Re: I recently adopted an Akita - any advice? 29 Jan 2014 20:57 #9420

Thank you so much for your messages and the lovely photo - what a beautiful girl Asia is! I had heard about Akitas shedding their coats but stopped a bit in my tracks when you said that there were bags full of fur as well as what there is in the photo...I bought a big sort of rake comb when I first got Akira and have been brushing her once a week or so to get us both used to it, she isn't mad on it and will let me do some and then walks away (or sits down so I can't get at her fluffy britches at the back!) but I follow her round and keep at it, I tell her I have to be able to do it for her and then she can have a treat afterwards. We bump along.

I did get madam a kong and she was very good in the pet shop, fortunately we couldn't get near the bunnies and little creatures because it was too busy, but Akira did make lots of friends. She didn't show any interest in the kong at first but I think she is getting more interested.

It is really useful to know things like that Akitas have good memories, and that they can go off without warning. I have found a couple of classes fairly close and waiting to hear back if there is one that might work for us.

I am also beginning to know what you mean about just how interesting a blade of grass is...!but Akira is a lovely dog to walk and always so excited when she knows we are getting ready to go out.

Anyway hope you and Asia are all well and comfortable, best wishes Betty & Akira wrooofff!

Re: I recently adopted an Akita - any advice? 30 Jan 2014 11:57 #9421

Don't panick about the bags full of fur the advantage of one big cast is that you get a large part of the year with no moulting at all Asia has just started to moult, it'll be a slow start and by the middle of spring she should be regrowing her undercoat again and not moulting at all so at least we get a good few months fur free My old Benny had bad health and he tended to have a light moult all year round, but I think that was more to do with his health and medication Stephanie from AR&W saved her Anuks fur and had it spun into wool and knitted into a hat and gloves! they looked really nice

I use a ferminator for Asia, it works a treat When my old Benny was young and I was trying to get him used to being combed he was exactly the same as Akira he would wonder off when he thought he'd had enough, so I tried to associate being combed with a treat and I kept feeding him treats until I'd done enough combing, or I'd give him his plastic bottle to crunch up while I combed him, he gave in to me eventually maybe when Akira gets used to her kong she'll want to chomp on that while you come her

Keep up the good work with Akira it sounds like you make a lovely couple

Any piccy's
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