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TOPIC: Escape Artist / GPS Tracking?

Escape Artist / GPS Tracking? 12 Mar 2014 11:52 #9452

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We have a very adorable but naughty teenager. Pearly is super-intelligent, extremely affectionate, but also pretty determined to explore the world on her own, and if necessary break through a fence or hedge to do it. None of my other three dogs have been so determined to escape.

She and Mum Ruby are with me all day, either in the house, workshop, garden or woodland. I've had to resort to tying Pearly to a long rope when in the garden, because she's made no fewer than six holes in the hedge, (torn through or jumped over the wire mesh as well) in an attempt to go exploring. When tied up she goes open cast mining, digging massive holes in the lawn. Ruby by contrast is no problem at all and respects all the boundaries and has great recall- never lost her once.

Once Pearl's out, even if I scream for her, her recall isn't brilliant compared to the excitement of sniffing round other gardens or meeting new surprised neighbours. In the wood, shes gone over the boundary ditches or through the hedge about 4 or 5 times, and managed to get up to several hundred yards away in a short time, despite me watching her like a hawk- it takes seconds for her to run off. Fortunately neither the house or wood are close to very busy roads, but it doesn't stop me going into a panic when she's unofficially out and missing for up to 30 minutes.

I'll have her spayed which might help, and she has recently been in season which is probably a factor, but wondering if anyone else has an escape artist and how they've cured it or managed to find quickly where they've gone, other than running 5 miles in 30 miuntes screaming their head off.

I bought a smartphone and will put the number on a new collar & tag, so if she's out and found someone can contact me immediately. She's microchipped. I also looked into tracking devices, which give you a text message with coordinates when activated from a mobile, but they seem to have a low battery life and would have to be switched on virtually all the time.

I like the dogs to have a degree of freedom, but currently a bit stressed by Pearly having wandered off a few times from the wood and at least a dozen times through the hedge or fence at home.

Advice and experience appreciated.

Re: Escape Artist / GPS Tracking? 15 Mar 2014 00:36 #9455

Wow our Pearly girl sounds like a bit of a minx My old Benny was just like her when he was the same age, we had a few dog shaped holes in the fence where he just forced his way through the tiniest gap by pushing and scratching to make his way through, we had a couple of phone calls to say "your dogs in the flats garden" we were lucky that he just stayed in the flats garden and didn't wonder off all we could do was to keep on repairing the fence with bits of old wood until he got fed up with having to break trhough, he would look at the re-borded up fence hole as if to say "who had the nerve to fill my hole in!!!" He also loved to dig holes, filling the hole in only resulted in him digging all the nice soft dirt back out again, so I just left the holes until he forgot all about them and then filled it in Because we knew he didn't do recall we never let him off lead when we were over the forest, we had very stgrong extending lead and he still had lots of freedom, he could swim and have a little run when he wanted to , But I don't know what you could do with Miss Pearl when you're in your woodland, maybe a really long extending lead attached to one of those big metal screw in the ground things would be worth a try, she would still have lots of freedom but within a limited boundry, then hopefully after a while she'll learn that her boundry is within the extending lead boundries and when she's off lead she'll stay within those boundries by the way, my old Benny did eventually stop runing through fences, digging and tring to squeeze though gaps, not to mention actually climbing over fences!
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