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TOPIC: Help akitas fighting

Help akitas fighting 19 Aug 2014 07:28 #9587

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We have two akitas male and female. Male has been neutered but we have to wait for her to be spayed as she just came off season. She is 15 months old and hes just 12.She attacks him for no reazon we thought it might be food related but they will be fine one moment and then she just attacks him with no warning.We have to crate and rotate at the moment. And its unfair on them.If this goes on we might have to rehome one.Any advice will be welcome
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Re: Help akitas fighting 22 Aug 2014 14:42 #9592

Hello, sorry I'm late in getting back to you

I know exactly what you mean, my first akita Benny and his companion cross breed Eddie started to fight when benny was about the same age as your female, it started over Eddie trying to but in on Benny when he was chasing a spider from then on he wanted to be "Boss." Usually in a bitch and male dog relationship the bitch wants to be dominant and the male will let her because he wants to mate with her so he wants to keep "his bitch" happy. I would think keep up the seperating and reintroducing until after her spading, feed seperatly show them that you and ONLY you are in charge, not with aggression but with rules and regs this is what our breeder and dog trainer advised us to do, they have to see that they need to "get through you" to get at the other dog, so just by regular training your dogs will see you as the "boss" When we reintroduced Benny and Eddie after dinner and after a "spatt" we did a short Heel, Sit, down basic training with the two of them together on loose leads and after a reintroduction we would do a proper 20 min on lead training session gradually getting them closer until we got them into a lay down side by side, if Benny the akita attempted to stare or growl or show any aggresion towards Eddie I would give a loud and dominant "Yoooooou Dare!" it worked every time and overtime Benny knew he wasn't in charge. It did all start over again when Eddie was 14 years old and had cancer, Benny was unstoppable and we had to split them permently, The odd thing was though, I don't know if you notice this in your pair too, Benny would always look confused about his own actions, he was very close to Eddie and I'm sure he didn't want to attack his pal, it was just some kind of instinctual thing But I spose what it boiuls down to is Training and consitency, are you in a trainf class, if not try to find one that has either large breed or akita experience, the one we wet to was run by an ex police dog trainer I hasten to add, not from the old fashion over dominet school but the more understand your dog school, my two learn a lot by training together and so did we, in fact they both got their GCD certificates and old Eddie won the clib cup! it wasa lot of fun as well as helping the dogs to get on

I know I've been long aand drawn out but I hope it was of some help.
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