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TOPIC: Our new akita puppy!

Our new akita puppy! 31 Dec 2014 19:57 #9788

Hi all, me and my partner have recently became proud owners of our little akita puppy called lucy! She is really cute and has settled in well. She is also brilliant with our 1 year old son. I was just wondering if we could have some advice on training her as we are new to akitas! She is very bright and learns tricks quickly Im the house, but when we are out on walks she doesn't listen and will not listen to commands! I was just wondering if this is normal with akitas and what is the best way to resolve this problem?

She is 15 weeks old we have had her since she was 8 weeks old.

Re: Our new akita puppy! 31 Dec 2014 23:36 #9789

Hello and welcome your little akita pup sounds very sweet

Akitas can be very stubborn and that will never change, stuborness is one of the reasons we recomend no off lead walks, most akitas don't do recall I always use a retractable lead on my Asia, she still gets plenty of excersize and she still paddles in the river on her retractable lead, but you can find ways of getting your little lady to do what you want, treats work well and training classes really help, my first akita Benny got his beginners certificate and his GSD kennel club certificate before he was two years old, the training also socialized him with other dogs and I learned so much as well I would suggest puppy classes as soon as possible it will really pay off because a large full grown akita is much harder to teach than a puppy, they grow so fast and you need to get her responding to commands now make it fun for her and she'll respond very quickly, play is good too, pups learn a lot from play I think the walking behavior will definatly, and quickly, improve with some training classes, they're a lot of fun too

Good luck and please let us know how it goes Oh and....any puppy pics please
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Re: Our new akita puppy! 01 Jan 2015 00:14 #9790

Hi thanks for the reply

Yeah we are starting to see what was meant by the stubbornness we are going to take treats
On our walk tomorrow and see how that goes We have a 3 year old French mastiff cross rottweiler who is Lucy's best friend she tends to follow him around on walks on her retractable lead! We are
Socialising Lucy a lot at the minute by taking her on walks to busy places and to the park to meet people and other dogs. Our vet also recommended sitting outside busy supermarkets with her to get her used to all different types of people which we have been doing a lot. Thanks for mentioning training classes we hadn't thought of them as we have always had large breeds growing up. I think we will take her to some classes as that would be a massive
Help to socialising her as well.
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Re: Our new akita puppy! 01 Jan 2015 12:32 #9791

Hi, good news we walked lucy this morning with cooper our mastiff and she was really obedient on her walk all the stuff we have taught her has finally started to pay off! ( the piece of chicken helped also ) she was walking very well to heel and when on her retractable lead came over to us and sat when ever we said " lucy here " Thanks for your advice and we will keep up the training and socialising to make sure she keeps her love for other dogs and people.

Re: Our new akita puppy! 03 Jan 2015 22:59 #9792

The pics are great your mastif looks very placid Lucy is a very sweet akita pup, she definatly has that look of akita mischief on her face it's great that you have large breed experience, it's definatly need for akita ownership

I'm so glad to hear her walk went well, akita's will "try it on" but they soon give up it if it looks like they'll get nothing from it they're very stubborn but they don't like to work to hard at anything

The socializing you're doing will be so helpful to Lucy and all the training and socializing sholud go on throughout her life with you, my asia is 10 years old this month and I still do training with her every day, although she doesn't realize it's training she has to sit..high five and sometimes do a down for her carrot treats and she always looks so pleased with herself as she goes through her rutine on our walks we do sits and stays, she's such a good girl she socializes over the pub on some Sundays as well, she has a couple of doggy friends but mostly ignores other dogs as long as they ignore her, akitas can be response dogs, they tend to be nice and relaxed and calm around other dogs as long as the other dogs are relaxed and calm, if the other dog shows agression the akita can just snap, they also rarely show any warning signs to other dogs so you need to be very knowledable of your akita's body language, as Lucy grows you'll soon get to know her body language My akita that I had before Asia didn't like terriors and Asia isn't too keen on terriors and small dogs either, maybe it's for the better though as one slap with an akita paw over a chew wa wa's little head and the chew wa wa will be no more!

Anyway...I'm now rambling thanks for the pictures and I'll be watching out for pupdates
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