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TOPIC: Damage

Damage 26 Feb 2015 22:35 #9813

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Our akita is 7 months old and extremely destructive. She shreds tea towels, cloths, plastic bottles, and is slowly eating the fitted kitchen. She is walked half an hour a day (don't want to damage her joints by going for longer) and is not often left on her own. She is otherwise we'll behaved and has been fairly easy to train to walk to heel, sit and stay etc. what am I doing wrong, or will she just grow out of it?

Re: Damage 27 Feb 2015 14:33 #9815

  • Zooey
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Hi !

From my small experience, that kind of behaviour is often due to simple boredom !
When we foster young dogs at the appartement, it happens very often. They're full of energy, but as you said : long walks are not the answer. So destruction happens, and it's a pain

Personnally I have invested in some amazing occupationnal toys, and I make some as well.
With my last young resident, who seem to love shreding stuff I simply left a garbage can with wrapped ball of papers, cardboard, etc.
I also make toy out of plastic bottles, I put a colourful piece of fabric in the bottle, with a piece of it coming out, of I put a few bits of dog food inside.
I also rely a LOT on my faithful KONG toy, which works with all the dogs I fostered (and Kam also loves it). AndI have a lot of fun coming up with loads of light recipees to fill it with.

From all occupational toys I have tried, here are my favourites :
- The Snack- bottle : www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dog_toys_dog_training/intelligence_games/snack_toys/62844
Kam is waaaay to lazy to enjoy this one, but the younger more active dogs tend to love it.

- This is Kam's favourite, www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dog_toys_dog_training/intelligence_toys/classic_puzzles/72374 It's well made and solid, and she spend about 10mins on it each time we play.

- The Kong Wobbler works pretty great as well ! www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dog_toys_dog_training/intelligence_games/snack_toys/183622

More generally, I'd say I would try to figure out what attracts her interest and use it to find a way redirect her attention on something else.
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Re: Damage 27 Feb 2015 23:17 #9817

It's common for yougsters to be distructive but as Zoe says there are some great distracting toys for them, the kong filled with favorite treats is great, I also found a food ball kept my first akita very busy, it didn't work for my Asia, she just picked it up... took it on her bed and chewd the "undestructable" ball up! I'd got too small a bal, so make sure you ge the large one

You can get sprays that you spray onto the things she likes to chew, but I found rubbing galic onto table legs and cupboard doors worked, my Benny didn't like garlic at all but the best thing is simply be cautious and makesure all t-towels ect. are out of the way, perhaps keep them in a draw just be a bit more cautious than usual and she'll soon get out of the habbit
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Re: Damage 01 Mar 2015 09:17 #9818

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Hi my Ben is 22months old on Monday and he is still at it! if you don't hide your slippers they are gone later to be found somewhere in the garden,if you cant get to the letterbox before him its chase me round the garden time,yesterday he pinched the instructions for the new tv but we caught him just in time and as for digging holes in the garden well the lawn is well and truly done for I am pretty sure he does this out of mischief well I hope so anyway! Bill& Ben.
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Re: Damage 01 Mar 2015 14:50 #9819

Hello Bill, any new pics of your Ben he must be a very big boy by now

Your Ben sounds very like my old Benny, the "naugthyness" never really stops, you just have to control it without them knowing my old Benny had a "naughty" rutine every morning that he'd set up, he would have to steal something from the bathroom waste basket, he'd then stare at one of us to encourge us to chase him, then he'd take off around the house with his "steal" dangling from his mouth I had to shout out to him "What's Benny got!" he'd look very sad if I didn't say it If there was nothing in the waste bin for him to steal we had to secretly place a rag or a box in it for him to steal it was very funny and he did right up to his last day, a lot slower but he still did it

So maybe one thing to try and control the damage is to set something up that's okay to chew up, but let her think she is choosing to do the damge, maybe get something from the charity shop, something she isn't chewing up from your house, so don't get kitchen towels ect. cos that might just encourage her to keep going for your own t-towels, but try something like perhaps a cushion cover, or a pillow case and hide something inside it that she could chew on, tie the pillow case with string to keep the bottle from falling out, a plastic bottle should keep her attenion for a while. Leave a few of these homemade toys laying around but make sure you keep all your t-towels, and other favorites of hers, well out of sight, what you're trying to do is break her destructive habit by you having control of the things she can tear up My Asia still likes to have a tear up with some of her teddies and she's 10 year old! but she knows she can tear them, to a degree but she never touches anything she shouldn't

Let us know how you get on
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Re: Damage 01 Mar 2015 19:53 #9821

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I found also that doing exercices with different objects works very well.
So when we play, I have different toys and also stuff like slippers or towels : and I say "get the toy"
And I give a treat on pet the dog when he gets it right.

I always try to re enforce good behaviour in a positive way, and ignore bad behaviour

Rubbing garlic or vinigar can work really well, but I would still work on behaviour at the same time !
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