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TOPIC: Two questions

Re: Two questions 07 Nov 2015 20:36 #10035

  • Teresa
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Hi Helen,

It sounds like pretty lady Kimi is really settling in well

I agree with both Dawn and Pauline above. Try a head collar, there are so many on the market that it may be a bit of trial and error until you find the one to work for you. I used to use the Canny Colla which fastens around the back of the head as opposed to the side or underneath, equally as effective and I can now walk my girl on a harness or collar and lead.

Prey drive..... What can we say and where do we start lol. In my house, if it moves then its fair game. Tia literally climbs the patio doors when she sees a cat in the garden or if a pigeon comes too close to the doors. When we are walking she gets down low to the ground like a cat and stalks her prey. When she does this I hold her lead tight until she has done her run and jump to catch and then we continue on the walk. If she is food orientated then that should make it easier to distract her and break the habit of jumping up the windows and doors.

Keep up the good work, its still early days and it with perseverance it will come right xx
If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !

Re: Two questions 08 Nov 2015 09:47 #10038

  • hep275
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Thanks to everyone for replying. I am now the proud owner of a gencon collar which is the one recommended by the trainer at the class we have just started - I really cant believe the difference it has made. We got it on Wednesday night and I used it for our morning walk on Thursday - it was like walking a different dog!! Walks are now so easy and almost pleasurable - well they would be if i could manage to do one in the dry!!

We will try the distraction when inside when small fluffies dare to venture into the garden - Kimi has a squeaky toy and the sound does seem to distract her so i could use that and reward with titbits when she isnt climbing the french doors or running around like a mad thing!

I have just this morning discovered some damage to the kitchen door - i'm sure it wasn't there yesterday as I think I would have seen it - will put some mustard on that when she's left alone later today because I really don't want to find she becomes destructive. She's generally left with a stuffed kong and i try to hide bits of kibble for her to find. Apart from these 'minor' things our first 4 weeks together have been wonderful - hubbie said last night it seems as though she has been here for ages. Helen

Re: Two questions 10 Nov 2015 23:39 #10041

So glad the new collor is working, it's great when something just "clicks" isn't it

hopefully the distration will work, the main thing is to make the "distractions" more interesting and rewarding than the little furries and lot's of "Gooooood Gir!" as well although my Asia didn't really care about being a good girl when I first got her

The mustard is a good idea we used garlic rubbed onto chair legs and things it was a bit smelly but it did the trick please let us know how you get on
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