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TOPIC: New owner advice

Re: New owner advice 11 Feb 2018 23:28 #27812

A harness is a good idea, my Asia alway wears a harness. Maybe a canny color, I think it's called that will be useful as well, it goes over the dogs muzzle and is great for lead training also a little thing I did with my Asia to help her to socialize ( she was 2 when we got her from Akita rescue and her socializing was non existent) was to always carry treats and give them to any strangers who showed an interest in her when we were on our walk, I'd ask them to give her the treat when she was being a good girl and realting to the stranger in a positive manner, it really helped Asia to socialize in a "good girl" way the last thing you need is a fully grown heavy akita lunging and jumping at strangers in excitment so its best to start from the begining with behavior, akitas grow very fast

Oh yes and another trait that's very common in akita's is that they don't do recall, when an akita wants to wonder off they just do it you can call as much as you want but they don't even look back, that's why the "always on lead" rule is a must for akitas, akita's are unique and that's why they own our hearts

Hope you enjoyed your cuppa and I'm looking forward to the updates
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Re: New owner advice 13 Feb 2018 07:35 #27813

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Thank you , I really do appreciate all your help. The cuppa was wonderful and much needed, I do have a question about toilet training though . The person we picked him up from said that he wouldnt go on the pads so used to let him wee on a rug and then just wash it. Well he did use pads here initially and bless his heart did try to get on them even though his aim was a bit off lol. But after a while he found more fun in shredding them. So I got a crate for overnight and he held it in well, even after taking him out he seems to still wee on living room carpet. No warning, no stooping or cocking of the leg....it just drops. Any ideas? Would be greatly appreciated x thanks

Re: New owner advice 13 Feb 2018 16:22 #27814

The rug idea is a bit on the iffy side isn't it it'd be hard to train him out of that one

It sounds like he's ready to get a wee wee rutine going Personally I've never used pads, I always had very quick results by teaching mine that whenever they go near the door to the garden I let them straight out into the garden, if he stands by the door pop him out, if he even just meanders by the door and looks at it as he meanders...pop him out and praise him with a treat for being a good boy, stay with him for a while to see if he does a wee, praise him if he does and take him straight indoors, if he doesn't take him indoors after 5 mins or so, by doing this he'll soon get to know that when he goes in the gareden by stting at the door he gets a treat and if he dose a wee he gets another treat take him in the garden after every meal and after drinking his water and within a short time he'll latch onto his wee and pooh rutine, oh and don't punish him if he goes indoors just say Nooooo and pick him up and take him into the garden, I'm sure you do that anyway the dogs I've had over the years have been toilet trained within a week using this method....bu.... he is an akita and they can be stubborn so it might take a little longer I've know people to use the puppy pads and it's a matter of training them to use the pads then having to train them again to go outside so personally I think it's best to go straight for the outside and into the garden

Good luck and please keep us updated on how it goes
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