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TOPIC: crouching as other dogs approach

Re: crouching as other dogs approach 01 Sep 2013 08:18 #9192

  • philsniko
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Niko is now 22 months old and grown into a massive bear. He has pretty much grown out of this habit of crouching and he now generally ignores other dogs but we still always have him on his lead.

I am sure you other Akita lovers / owners experience what we experience when we are out with Niko, he is an absolute head turner and I wish I had a pound for everyone that has stopped us and talked about Niko.

While we were on holiday in North Yorkshire we took him to a pub in the early evening, the pub was quite busy but we found a corner to sit in, he was almost mobbed to such an extent he became distressed and we had to take him out to settle him down.

Re: crouching as other dogs approach 01 Sep 2013 22:04 #9194

I'm glad to hear Niko has grown out of his odd behaviour they do go through some odd stuff don't they, must be a puppy thing like the terrible two's with children

I know what you mean about the attention they get, my Asia gets it all the time since we moved to this little town, it's all good positive attention and has been very good for her, she's not at all affraid of strangers now and everyone loves her. In London it was mostly negative attention that she got, I was often asked if we wanted to mate her! or people calling her a "wolf dog" I had kids shouting out from the park "That's one of those killer dogs!" that one upset me people would cross the road to avoid her but here they cross the road to come and see her So Im sure niko will get used to the attention just like Asia has, I carry treats (dried cheese) to give to the eager strangers to offer to Asia and she soon learned that strangers meant cheesy treats

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