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TOPIC: Puppy Walks

Puppy Walks 18 Dec 2012 08:11 #7605

  • Samilee
  • Bear Puppy
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Our little Lupo has now been on a few walks and I was just wondering what kind of distances / times people did?

We take our little chap in the car to the local national park then walk around. It is currently around 1-2 miles for 25-45 mins, We stop along the way so it is not a continuous walk.
I wondered when I can start walking for longer and mainly when I can walk to this park rather then drive, it is 0.9 miles away from home which is nothing to me, it take 20 mins to get to, but I think by the time I had walked to the park that would about be the walk done for him.
He never shows any sign of tiredness when out (not that he would )
He walks very well on lead and doesn't pull until a dog or person walks by, We have diverted his attention a few times and carried on walking which is a triumph I think lol. Most the time we stop and he meets the other person and dog. He barks alot untill he meets them, which we are TRYING to work on. I thought they didn't bark!
Oh he is 11 weeks today!

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Re: Puppy Walks 18 Dec 2012 23:42 #7611

I think its best to wait till he's quite a bit older before he does long walks, I'm not sure of the exact age but I'm sure someone will know. Like most large breeds I know its best to wait untill most of their bone growing months have passed because if you do too much excersize too early it can cause damage to the bones and tendons, sorry to be a bit vague
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Re: Puppy Walks 21 Dec 2012 15:58 #7655

  • Joanne
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Mine is 13wks old and i only walk him for max 20 mins 2/3 times a day...he does most of his exercise at home running round the garden....as Pauline said only small walks and build up the time very slowly..large dogs dont need loads of exercise at this age...socialising him with people/dogs traffic etc are more important at this age.
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