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TOPIC: Aggrstion

Aggrstion 06 Feb 2013 15:24 #8123

  • galken1
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Our home got broken into a couple of weeks ago the burglars try to gain access into our conservatory and broke the conservatory doors but see the dog in the kitchen so broke in through the bedroom instead where the dog couldnt get to

Since this incident we have had a couple of strangers in the house and when the people go anywhere near my wife the dog has become very aggresive and gone for them. Before this the dog has always been so placid and laid back and has never shown any sign of aggresion

he is nearly 2 years now we have had him since he was 10 weeks old

Can anyone offer any advice

Re: Aggrstion 07 Feb 2013 23:07 #8144

Sorry to hear about your break in

There are a few things that might help, but I think a dog psycotherapist would be very helpful if you could find s good one. but I'd advise putting dog on a lead when strangers come in the house, a lead can give a sense of security, give the stranger a doggy treat and ask them not to look at dog at all but to hold the treat out for dog to take, say nothing and hopefully dog will take the treat, if he does you can try another treat but still no eye contact with dog and say nothing, let dog walk off still on the lead and only remove the lead when you're confident that dog feels relaxed around the stranger. do this with every stranger who enters the house and if you can get a stranger to help out by doing the same offering of treats when your're out walking dog that will be helpful too but always remember to keep dog on a lead because not only does it give dog confidence it also makes the stranger feel a bit more confident
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Re: Aggrstion 08 Feb 2013 09:13 #8148

  • AkitaInu
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I would ask the stranger to drop the treat on the floor near the dog rather than offer it as the act of stretching towards the dog is a bit aggressive in itself and also places both parties under greater stress and risk.

I would keep him on a lead in these situations and ensure that he's relaxed with the new people before allowing him to approach. He's likely to be a little unsettled and defensive as his space was threatened where before he felt safe there he now feels a little unsafe with new people in the house.
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