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TOPIC: Pulling on the lead

Pulling on the lead 18 Aug 2015 13:24 #9948

Hello, I am new here my name is Carla and I have a 4 year old Akita called Chico... very happy to meet everyone!

I walk Chico on a Halti collar which is amazing, the control I have of him is very good. Although when I am out walking with him my mum and dad say I should let him be free (not of the lead) but just so he is walking in front of me. Now i see this as a problem, I would rather have the dog walking beside me on the left hand side, can someone help me out as to which is a suitable way? I feel as if letting him be free and is giving him control over me and him being able to do whatever he wants... if I remember right, I am the one who is suppose to be walking the dog.. not the dog walking me? Help please

Re: Pulling on the lead 18 Aug 2015 16:19 #9953

Hello and welcome to you Carla and Chico

You are right, you are in cntrol of the walk not Chico, do you take him to training classes?

As you do I too always walk Asia on the left hand side, I use a harness, but I only went onto a harness when I felt I had proper control of her she's very happy sniffing around and taking her time on her harness. I used a halti on my previous akita, he responded well to it but I think a canny collor is a bit "kinder" because it doen't close up tight when the dog pulls on it, (I think it's called a canny collor)

You are also correct not to let your akita off lead, NEVER! let an akita off lead to roam free (rarely some akita's can be let off lead, but it'd not common) akit'a are very independant dogs and they rarely do recall, if they want to keep on running they will, I've experienced it during a training session in a field, I let my old Bennny of lead to do some heel work but he had other ideas and sped off into the open field, he was loving it as I chased him, it was all one big game and he only stopped when I rugby tackled him but that was in a restricted area, if he was in a public area I would have lost him, akita's won't come back, if they want to carry on digging a hole, or whatever, they will, so please don't chance it When Asia is out on a field or woodland walk we use a retractable extending lead (one of the thick lead type ones ,not the weaker string type extending ones, they just snap when the akita takes off!) attatched to Asia's harness (I prefer a harness because if she decides to take off she won't get choked when she comes to the end of her lead) and she can trott along on her own and even go for a paddle in the river, but she's under constant contol, even though she doesn't know it

So please listen to yourself and keep Chico on lead I'd love to hear how you get on with the retractable lead
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Re: Pulling on the lead 25 Aug 2015 20:14 #9962

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Hi Carla and Chico, welcome to ARW

Pauline is spot on as are you, its best not to let an Akita off lead. they have terrible recall and come back when they want to not when they are told. There are exceptions to this but they are the minority

I used to walk Tia on the canny collar and it was great. It helped massively in teaching her to walk at my side. I walk her on a harness now as she has learnt to walk nicely. I do revert to the canny if we are going places as she can be a little bit of a diva I also use the large flexi lead to give her a bit more freedom to have a good sniff over the grass without me needing to go too. Its great but you do have to watch they dont wonder where they shouldnt.
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