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RabiesalertUK - News - update on rules being broke
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TOPIC: RabiesalertUK - News - update on rules being broke

Re: RabiesalertUK - News - update on rules being broke 06 Feb 2012 05:59 #3265

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Hattiesmum wrote:
The checks and requirments are not the same. It is now 21 days from vaccination with no blood test to see if the vaccine has taken. It was 35 days with a blood test before.

On actually entering the country the process is exactly the same as before. They just don't check that the titre test page is filled out. Requirements are different now but the process of checking is the same, and if you're paper work is not in order I can vouch for the fact you don't get in. If you avoid the checks that's a different issue.

Re: RabiesalertUK - News - update on rules being broke 06 Feb 2012 10:28 #3267

  • Hattiesmum
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There is no way they can know if the rabies vaccine has worked at 21 days and if the animal is a carrier of rabies before 35 days. And without a blood test you wouldn't know anything. The rest is academic. You can check paper work all you like it will mean nothing. All we ask is that thye continue doing the blood test at 35 days to make sure it has taken. 3 to 5% of cases it does not take.

The pups that came from Bulgaria had vacination papers - but they were false and what is more they were too young to have been vaccinated anyway. This was immediastely sussed by a vet the following day when one pup (only) out of the consignment was taken to a vet for a check up. Where are the rest of them?
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