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Dog agility or training?
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TOPIC: Dog agility or training?

Re: Dog agility or training? 29 Jan 2012 11:30 #3043

Well everyone, obedience, agility, dragging you all have a handful of bear and breeds to handle don't you!

I do flyball which has mixed agility in with my Westie Charlie boy and although I don't actually go to an obedience class I train Charlie myself and he knows:
Other paw
Lie down
Play dead
Cross his paws while lying down
And he almost knows how to bow and stand.

I hope you all post some pics of your dogs in obedience classes, on walks and their certificates, etc, etc but I will definitley put some pictures of my charlie boy on!

Thanks everyone.
Jessica and the gang.

Re: Dog agility or training? 29 Jan 2012 20:30 #3067

  • luciequk
  • Bear Puppy
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YOU HAVE A WESTIE!!! I ADORE westies! Ooo i need to see photos!

Our female (naughty) Keisha has done a training class or two in her time We also did agility with her, not to compete, she can be naughty around other dogs just used it more as a training tool, she loved it though, she's full of beans, I've got a video of her, see if this works..

I taught her a good trick, i point a gun (my hand in a gun shape haha) in her face and shout bang and she drops down and rolls over (she's meant to play dead but she's rubbish at staying still haha )

Re: Dog agility or training? 29 Jan 2012 21:03 #3069

  • Dizzybird
  • Akita Savie
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only you would teach LMK a trick like that. Stop calling her naughty, she isnt, shes full of fun!

Re: Dog agility or training? 29 Jan 2012 22:08 #3071

You are rediculous, Keisha is brilliant at agility you foooool!!!

And thanks I adore westies too but Akitas are my favourite breeds, the japanese ones to be precise but I love them alllllllll!!!!!!!

She is such a pretty dog, she isn't naughty she's just a bundle of bear and fun;) She is great at agility too, you should keep at it if you ask me!!!!!!

Keep going looks like you both enjoy it.
Jessica and the gang.

Re: Dog agility or training? 29 Jan 2012 23:04 #3074

Oh I loved that vidio! Kiesha is great at agility, far better than I could even imagine Asia being, although Asia loves to zoomy and climb, but..... only in HER own time

You should enter Kiesha in crufts agility, see how she gets on against the borders she proberly wouldn`t beat their times but she'd make the event a whole lot more interesting
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Re: Dog agility or training? 30 Jan 2012 08:02 #3076

  • AkitaInu
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Mine compete in Obedience, Agility and Cani-cross. Meg and Inja are retired now so no longer competing, Meg used to get places regularly at obedience though.

If you go to www.brutalrun.co.uk and look for Huggins or Potgieter or www.humanrace.co.uk on the Wildman, then you can see pictures of us running with the dogs.
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