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Idea's, facts, thoughts,Dreams, maybe knowledge..
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TOPIC: Idea's, facts, thoughts,Dreams, maybe knowledge..

Re: Idea's, facts, thoughts,Dreams, maybe knowledge.. 05 Apr 2012 18:19 #4543

  • kev
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xmuadx wrote:
Well, I wrote about my experiences on this topic. When I tried to submit it wouldn't let me! Obviously there are some things that shouldn't be shared. Weird.

Hi xmuadx

The easiest and best way I've learn't if your going to write something fairly detailed is to open a note on your desktop then if you are happy with it copy and paste it onto where you are wanting it..Hope it wasn't to long lol
Lost of typing.

p.s. Don't forget to save it there so if the computer crashes of something odd happens you still have it and try again lol.
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Re: Idea's, facts, thoughts,Dreams, maybe knowledge.. 05 Apr 2012 18:44 #4547

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Akita-lover-forever wrote:
Im also more of a scientist and prefer the proven theories and stuff. But if thats what you believe then hey! And I do kind of have a little experience because my nana has this thing where there is the alphabet and they have numbers underneath each letter and you have to spell your name then add the numbers up and whatever number you get then your an animal. And then it meant that it was your favourite animal and it came to Dog in the end which is obviously correct and then it said in the options 'And you favourite breed of dog is either a Siberian Husky, Basset Hound, Great Dane, Doberman, Akita or a Rhodesian Ridgeback' and mine is an Akita. Then it describes your character and the dog one said 'you an animal lover and dogs are your favourite, you always want to try everything and never miss an episode of al the best dog shows' and then it said Jessica you like to be a dog and run around like a dog (which is what I used to do when I was about 4-9) ahaha! And how weird it knew me like a book just by my name!!

sorry for the essay!

Jessica&Charlie Boy

Hi Jessica.
No it's not what i believe but also not what i consider mumbo jumbo either. Just thought it would be a good topic and maybe close to the hearts of some. I think there maybe something but not sure what.
I did what was/is called a weegie board when i was around 18 in my flat with a couple of people.
Not sure how id did it but, When one asked a question i thought of an answer and it seemed to answer what i was thinking. But i didn't think or say death.Which it came out with..

But worst thing about that incident, was the following day ..I was walking to the bus station in Blackpool and stopped as i normally used to do looking in a hi-fi shop. As i was looking in dreaming lol.
I wanted to run, for no apparent reason i did. weird..No not really it was stating to rain..
As i got to the corner. of Cookson st. from Caunce st, which was/is around 30 foot from the shop
I heard an almighty smash..Of course i looked round and saw what i believed to be whats on the apex of a roof of old buildings
. Like a square smooth brick with a ball on the top..All smashed on the floor were i was standing moments before..I can't explain the reason it all happened but i never touched a weegie board again..

This one involved my son

Their is a little that happened to my son when he was around 8 years.
He came to me one morning and said last night there was a man in our garden..
Errm i thought. We have a 10 wall adjacent to the path where people pass by. Also if you don't live around here you wouldn't walk pass. (as a rule).
" other side of the garden is a 6 foot fence. NO WAY to access the area as behind they have 4 big dogs.fail.The side of the house, mine which is a end terrace, you would have to jump 4 houses to get to mine i think fail again.
Wess said he had a white coat and hat, ER OK i said, Someone breaking into the house, firstly with a white coat and hat, second an Alsatian and an Akita
in our house. Fail again..
So a few days/ maybe a week or two we went to see my parents and was chatting about all sorts of stuff. Then i or wess mentioned what he saw.
My dad was a Blue buses, chief inspector here in st annes on the fylde buses. He knew he area well, and the bus depot was a couple on hundred feet away from our house..

He said and i will always remember this, I had no idea, Wess certainly wouldn't..He said where our house is used to be a bowling green. in fact there was two he said.
The umpire would have had a white coat and probably a white hat..
Since then i have had an open mind and taught the boys the same.
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Re: Idea's, facts, thoughts,Dreams, maybe knowledge.. 05 Apr 2012 19:41 #4550

Awwwh well very interesting indeed thanks for that. And that is weird my 17 year old brother done a weegie board thing but nothing happened to him-in fact good things happened for him ahahah

Jessica&Charlie Boy

Re: Idea's, facts, thoughts,Dreams, maybe knowledge.. 05 Apr 2012 19:45 #4553

  • xmuadx
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Right then, not funny. This topic is driving me nuts! Tried to post again in mini bytes and my iPad just switched itself off, never happened before! Here goes again.
I blame it all on Grandma Annie. She was asked to attend those who had passed and prepare them for their final journey. She lived to a ripe old age and died through the night while babysitting me, just a few months old.

Re: Idea's, facts, thoughts,Dreams, maybe knowledge.. 05 Apr 2012 19:46 #4554

Ahah, you must be going crazy by now Christine!! Poor soul and sorry to hear about your Grandma Annie!

Hows Obi bear doing then?

Jessica&Charlie Boy

Re: Idea's, facts, thoughts,Dreams, maybe knowledge.. 05 Apr 2012 20:04 #4557

  • xmuadx
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Nothing much happened until in my twenties I nursed my mum who had a terminal illness. When she died I tended to her needs, not letting the undertaker near her until I was satisfied. That night my mums soul visited me and she stroked my face. That was the start. Since then all sorts of strange unexplained things have happened.
I know when someone I'm close to is in trouble, even if they are hundreds of miles away, and they aren't aware of a problem. I get electric shocks when touching things . Things stop working for no reason, then work ok for anyone else. In airports I always set the security screens off. The list goes on.
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