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To the rescue!!!!!
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TOPIC: To the rescue!!!!!

To the rescue!!!!! 27 Apr 2012 15:48 #4868

Hi all,

I havent been able to come on as much as usual lately so its the weekend so will obviously be on as much as possible as you all know I like to reply on nearly everything

Anywhoooo, monday night I took Charlie Boy for a walk at the Boyne Park near where I live with my firend Lauren and her black labrador cross border collie, millie. We take them there quite often and they love it and we were throwing toys for them in the river as usual and Charlie went to get out at the other side of the river and there isnt a way across other than through the water. So I shouted of him and he was trying to turn around but couldnt and I noticed there was a branch hooked right through his collar and he couldnt get up he couldnt turn around or anything.......about 10 minutes later he was still stuck there and now he was getting tired as he had to keep swimming especially because the branch was pulling him under the water......well a man passed by and me and lauren were like excuse me would you be able to help us get my dog.....and he said 'well nowt a can do' and kept walking!!!!!! IDIOT!!!! And then I saw Charlie got very tired and stopped swimming and his head went under the water for about 2-3 seconds so I immediatley chucked my jacket off and socks and shoes and dived in!!! He is fine now but I was very cold in my clothes,but it was lucky!!!! I am very proud of myself to be honest,

Sorry for the essay

Jessica&Charlie Boy
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Re: To the rescue!!!!! 27 Apr 2012 17:38 #4881

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thats a bit scary

Re: To the rescue!!!!! 27 Apr 2012 23:00 #4882

Wow Jessica! that sounds very scary how was Charlie boy after his scary experience, it sounds like you got to him just in time I don`t know what I'd have done in the same situation, I can`t swim but I know I would have had to try and wade out if it was happening to Asia, it`s one of those situations that people tell you to leave the dog because you could put yourself in danger isn`t it, but he's your friend and its impossible to do nothing when a friend is in desperate need of help What did your mum say when you tuned up back home all soggy and wet?

Pehaps the next time Charlie boy goes for a swim it might be safer to have him on a retractable lead so that if he gets in trouble again you can just pull him back out of the river
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Re: To the rescue!!!!! 28 Apr 2012 12:40 #4895

Yes it was very very very very scary tbh!!! And my mam was just like why didn't you ring me I would of picked you up silly!!! Ahaha,me being stupid me didn't think of that

But I think I jinxed myself because I said before I went I think I might put his harness on and long line lead incase anything happens and then I thought neeeerrr he will be fine and then guessed what happened,just my luck!!!! It happened to him when he was younger too but ata different river and not as bad but my brother rescued him that time (I wasn't there and was only about 7 anyway)

But he is ok now,thanks everyone!!! At least if Asia wa in that situatuion she would of been much stronger than Charlie and she would of been able to stand up probably but Charlie is only a Westie and was deep to him,it was just under my chest on me so Asia would of still had to swim actually maybe,depending on her size.

Jessica&Charlie Boy

Re: To the rescue!!!!! 28 Apr 2012 22:47 #4921

I think our little Charlie boy has had two lucky excapes and it's harness and long lead for his swimming excusions from now on he's blessed to have you as his mum Jessica and I think next time you''ll listen to your first thoughts

Got anymore Charlie boy pictures
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Re: To the rescue!!!!! 29 Apr 2012 13:24 #4924

Ahaha,thankyou so much and yes definitley first thoughts!!!!! And if I do let him off the long lead I think one nice hot day me and my friend are going to take some towels and stuff and go to the beach and go in the sea with the dogs (we done it last year and it was really fun but Charlie followed me everywhere bless him but we didn't go to far in)

And yes I will put some on in a topic in fact I have a funny one you will definitley like (when you see it,just guess which one it is because you will definitley like it I think)

I go on another forum called 'Your dog' I don't know whether any of you collect the mags but I do and go on the forum it is really good there is also like a profile where you can put photo albums on and stuff it is really good and recently there has been some new people and one of them has two akitas so I have told him he should join this forum

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