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Mouthing and Training Simba
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TOPIC: Mouthing and Training Simba

Mouthing and Training Simba 31 Jul 2012 07:25 #6051

  • Deesimbas
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Is 7wks to young to start training as the howling has now stopped and we have a set rountine. He's now only pooing outside his choice and very suprised at how clean he is only wee's on the training mats too.
He now knows his name and will run over all giddy and bouncy. I started with treats to show him how to sit on command which is now does most times . Puppy class won't allow him to go till all jabs are done as he's only had one. Many are telling me for his breed he should of still been with mum now but that wasn't really possible and say i'm cruel training now, I keep the training to just five/ ten mins a day as he gets board easy. The other problem i have though is mouthing when he does this to my other dog she tells him off and he stops what is best way to stop him doing this to us? Just when my daughter who's 5 was stroking him he mouthed her wasn't what id say was a bite but left quite a bruise as puppy teeth are sharp. I've been saying no and making him sit when he does it is this all i need to do?

Re: Mouthing and Training Simba 31 Jul 2012 11:20 #6052

  • AkitaInu
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Irrespective of if you try and train him you will be training him all the time. He'll be learning things all the time at this age. You might as well teach him the things you want him to learn rather than letting him randomly learn stuff he finds for himself.

You should do no correction based training until he's a lot older (I haven't introduced corrections into my 'obedience training' until a year or so old) but that doesn't mean he can't learn the right and wrong things to do. Clicker training and positive re-inforcement for the behaviours and things you want him to do can start now. Just remember he's a baby and (1) can't focus for more than a very short time and (2) he will forget things frequently until he's practiced a lot.

For the mouthing I would teach him a better way to interact with people. Holding and playing with a toy is probably best. He also needs to mouth something so make sure he has plenty of toys and chews to chew on. Mouthing is how dogs natually interact with each other and they learn to inhibit their bite this way. To change this interaction you need to educate him as to a MORE REWARDING method of interaction rather than try and stop him interacting with you as that will confuse him.
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Re: Mouthing and Training Simba 31 Jul 2012 12:05 #6054

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I had my girl at just under 6 weeks old. Far too young but like you there was no other option. She did a lot of mouthing and it hurt and was pretty annoying sometimes - so it will be difficult if you have a young child around. But it does pass and if she mouthed me and it hurt I would squeal and pretend I was hurt. I also spent a lot of time giving her toys and things to chew and putting my hands in her mouth and playing with her mouth so that she grew up knowing not to hurt me or snap her teeth on my hands. Seems to have paid off - she is now very good indeed. These are things she would have learnt from her litter mates if she had stayed a bit longer - my previous dogs did not mouth us at all or did so gently as they came when they were over 12 weeks old. But it does pass this phase so bear with it and do not lose heart or get cross as annoying as it can be.
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Re: Mouthing and Training Simba 31 Jul 2012 16:44 #6055

  • stellalgray
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When I took Hugo to our vet for the first time he gave me a 'Puppy Information Pack'. I have copied below the part about biting - a bit long but I thought it was excellent advise and explains a lot too. Hope it works for you - those puppy teeth are very painful!


Teaching your Puppy about Bite Inhibition

You have probably noticed how your puppy chews everything including you. They explore through teeth and really enjoy nibbling people. This may seem tolerable in a small puppy but this is not acceptable in a fully grown dog. A playful bit from an adult dog can be very painful and may cause some serious damage.

Teaching your puppy bit inhibition will not stop him completeley biting on your hands, but it will teach him that human skin is delicate and not to close his jaws around your hands or legs. Trying to stop a puppy from biting completely is very difficult especially if he is excited.

Stopping him to bite completely teaches him nothing about the strength of his jaws, teaching him to be gentle means if he is ever forced into a situation where he feels forced to bite hopefully he will not break the skin.

Teaching bite inhibition is very simple. All you do is copy what puppies do to one another through play. When play becomes a bit rough you will hear a puppy yelp loudly, this actually stops the game for a couple of minutes.

  • Puppies learn to play more gently to keep the game going, so next time their bite is much gentler. When you are playing with your puppy, try to use a toy and not your hands, however tempting it is. If your puppy's mouth comes into contact with your hand, squeal loudly and act like you have been badly wounded! Turn your back on him and ignore him for approximately 30 seconds. The same applies if your are stroking your puppy and gets overexcited and bites. Your puppy has just learned a very valuable lesson in play. If the game and fun is going to return he must play more gently. Over time this decreases, how quickly your puppy learns is up to you. You must be consistent and your squeals must be at accurate times. Biting will not stop immediately. It should become less and less hard over a period of about three to four weeks. At this point your puppy will realise that he cannot put any pressure on you at all, and then you can yelp even if he puts his mouth on you gently - finally teaching him that you cannot bite you ever. Using toys to play with are a good idea with children. It is best not to play rough with your puppy, it teaches rough play when they are older. If you find yelping and turning away has had no effect, despite total consistency for a fortnight, or if your puppy seems to become more excited and snappy of you yelp, you may need a different strategy. Take all the fun out of biting. Go quiet and stand still. No laughing, squealing or shouting. As soon as your dog puts his mouth on you, even in play, say "Wrong" in a normal voice, then immediately put him in the kitchen or behind a door or baby gate. This isolation should only last about 2 minutes, then he can rejoin the family. If your puppy gets excited by being picked up say "wrong" and leave the room yourself, shutting the door behind you. Children can do this easily. Be consistent. It will take lots of repetitions before your puppy understands that biting is no fun. Puppies have 'pin' teeth as their jaws are not strong enough to do any serious damage and if anything were to attack them they can defend themselves. At 16 weeks their teeth start to fall out being replaced by adult teeth until the age of between 7-9 months. At this stage their jaw is strong enough to do some quite serious damage if biting.

Re: Mouthing and Training Simba 31 Jul 2012 20:50 #6059

That's great that the howling has stopped Well done, but as I said before, he may start his akita howling again, my Benny did, the neighbour thought he sounded like a banshea! but we had a horrible neighbour and I was very proud of my Benny annoying him with his ghostly howl

As for your pup being to young for training, well, personally I think traing should be incorperated in everything he does in some way or another not in any kind of forcful way, but in a play and reward type of way, after all his mum and pack members would be traning him all the time, he won`t know he's being trained, but doing a little sit for his dinner and a little give a paw for a treat can't do any harm Training never really stops does it, I still train Asia every day as part of our walk, just asking her to sit at a curb, or getting her to come to heel if she starts to pull is training and she always gets a treat which she loves

As the others suggested about the mouthing, do what his litter mates and mum would do, a loud yelp! the louder the better, you want him to be a bit surprised, not frightened though, so don`t do an agonising horror film scream just a yelpy Aaaaawwww! try to get your little girl to do it as well if you can, consistency is the key

Well done for getting him to come to his name, my Asia is nearly 7 and still ignors her name !
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