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TOPIC: fighting

fighting 16 Jul 2014 12:58 #9556

  • lisankira
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hi everyone
my sister inlaw's sister has a neutered male and unneutered female. both are very friendly and have lived together a number of years. They started fighting a couple of weeks ago. This has happed four times now and obviously it is upsetting. I have advised her to try and separtate as much as possible. Nothing has changed within the household. I have suggested getting the bitch spayed, will this help?, Can you advise
anything thing to help
lisa n kira

Re: fighting 18 Jul 2014 22:57 #9557

Hello Lisa Sorry to hear that your sister in laws sisters dogs have started fighting, do you know what sets the fight off? I think the best thing to do after a fight is to get them back together as soon as possible, when I had the same problem with my first akita and his pal, my husband and me would seperate them until they looked more relaxed, maybe an hour or two, then we would put them on their leads, take them into the garden and do some basic lead training with them on their leads, we started with heel work, they were kept at a distance, then went onto passing each other on the lead and under control, then do a few lay downs together and sits keeping them at a non contact distance all the time, basically this just shows them that you are in control and not them, it worked with our two, but they still fought on occasions. Could your sister in laws sister get to training classes with them? I really think some training could help the situation, it will help the dogs and help your sister in laws sister to get an understanding of what is going on, she needs to get on top of it now, they need to see her as "being in charge" and not them. As for getting the bitch spayed, it migh be a good idea to do that, but I think your sister in laws sister needs to get things under more control first as the bitch will proberly feel vunerable after the op and she could get defensive and try to have regular pops at the bloke dog, it might be an idea to talk to the vet about it to see what the vet suggests

Good luck and please let us know how things go
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