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HELP !!! Dirting and don't realise
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TOPIC: HELP !!! Dirting and don't realise

HELP !!! Dirting and don't realise 29 Oct 2015 12:07 #10014

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Hi can some give me some help, my japanese akita inu is now 10, the last couple of months he has started to poo in the house but doesn't realise he is doin it. it seems to be getting more often now, His coat with was once so stunning is now looking really dull and thick matted looked, he has lost all puffyness on his tail,( looks thin and scrawny where once bushy), never mind how much i brush him his coat looks old if you no what i mean,,, Couple of weeks back he had an episode where he couldn't stand up like his back end had gone, but after sitting and calming him for 15mins he seemed to shrug it off, He is finding the step by the back door harder to get over, im frightened to take him to the vets as my husband reckons the vet will advise to put him to sleep, ( which i can't do ). he's not in pain but he can't be arsed with anything anymore, a 10min walk is all he can manage now, he now doesn't tolerate kids ,( brought up with 4 ) when grandchild visits he wants away from him.. What can i do for my boy?

Re: HELP !!! Dirting and don't realise 29 Oct 2015 16:46 #10017

I'm sorry to hear about you old akita, it's very sad to see them feeling so bad isn't it But I think you should definatly take him straight to the vet, I know it can be a worry when they're old but it's better to know what is going on with him, it might be something very simple, sometimes a good "service" can help e.g. ear wash, deflea, maybe he's got arthritis problems that can really be helped with metacam medication, my Asia has been very under the weather, not eating, not wanting to go on her walks, being grumpy and isolating herself, but we've had her checked over and her ears were gunked up and her arthritis had flared up, she has now had her ears washed and her metacam is kicking in, she's starting to follow me around again and she's eating her dinner again, she'll be 11 in a couple of months, so please take your old fellow to the vet, they can't make you do anything you don't want to do, such as have him put to sleep. his incontinants might be manged with a new rutine, perhaps, is he just randomly dumping or is it after eating? try to see if there's a pattern and make sure he's out in the garden, he might just need to be let in the garden more often, their toileting habits can usually change with age, their might be something a vet can do help with his bowl problems, maybe a simple change of diet, you can get special "old dog" food that might help, a vet can help with advice on diet, one visit to he vet could change him getting around better If you don't take him to the vets and he continues to worsen you'll never know if you could have helped him, but if you take him to the vets you'll know you've done everything you can to give him a more comfortable life

Please let us know how you get on
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