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Is my pup ill ?
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TOPIC: Is my pup ill ?

Is my pup ill ? 26 Jun 2016 17:59 #10148

  • Robbiecfc
  • Bear Puppy
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Hello everyone Robbie here first time on any Akita forum just felt I had to do something as I hear a lot about the breed being stubborn and strong willed etc etc. Anyway my boy Kaiser who is 12 weeks old has recently stopped eating his dry food the past 3-4 days which he used to gobble Down every time before (James well beloved) at the start I was giving him wain right wet food and slowly tried to get him onto dry but tonight I had to mix in some Royal canin wet just so he would eat the dry food as the wet sticks to it, I don't know if I'm just being paranoid but he seems to always be thirsty which for some reason really annoys me ( don't ask why). I know he is only three months old but when u give your dog the amount of water he should have been getting for the whole day at the one time just to see how long it would last and he drinks it all in one go is annoying. So then he wants out when it rains to lick the ground and grass and just try's to go over to our bottles water by our bedside tables when we bring him in. Did any of you have troubles with your puppy's eating and water intake ? I think he looks skinny and under weight to he weighed 9.5kg when was 10 weeks old now I think he is lighter but that could just be my imagination as I haven't weighed him properly since the last visit to the vet. Here is a picture hope someone can help me out. Thanks Robbie.
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Re: Is my pup ill ? 28 Jun 2016 17:55 #10152

  • Teresa
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Hello Robbie and welcome to the forum

Kaiser is a handsome pup! They can be picky about their food or he may just not be a big eater, some puppies arent although most are very greedy. He may be filling up on water, but if he is thirsty you should not restrict his drinking. Dry food soaks up the moisture in their stomachs so they need to drink plenty, restricting their water can lead to long term health issues.

Has the vet checked him over to make sure he is healthy and has no issues preventing him from eating? James Wellbeloved and Wainwrights are both good brands of food to give him and worth sticking to. You could try adding the odd tasty extra to his meal to make it a little more appealing to his taste like some cooked chicken or fish. Do you soak his food? It may be a little hard for him to chew if it is not soaked and worth doing until his teeth are stronger.
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Re: Is my pup ill ? 01 Jul 2016 16:27 #10160

Welcome to the forum

As Teresa said, akita's can be very fussy eaters, my first akita would eat hardley anything except chicken and rice! we had to add all kinds of additives ect. to his meals, in the early days he would only eat his dried food if we put some wet tinned meat in with it. He had regular vet checks to keep an eye on things though, My now akita Asia has severe allergies and I have to cook everything for her. So it might be worth taking a trip to the vets just to check that it's not a medical problem, but in the meantime try adding wet food to his dinner, oh and try not to get annoyed with him when he gets carried away with his drinking, they can easily pick up on your tension and get "hang ups" and it could make his grass and ground licking worse, my Asia still does odd things like licking the ground, I just point at her and give her "a look" she soon stops

Please get back to us and let us know how you get on
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