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Anyone else's Akita got an Allergy?
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TOPIC: Anyone else's Akita got an Allergy?

Re: Anyone else's Akita got an Allergy? 27 Dec 2011 11:25 #2388

  • tabatha
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Hi Pauline
Can you tell me the name of the procedure that Asia had to test for food allergy please?
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Re: Anyone else's Akita got an Allergy? 27 Dec 2011 22:59 #2394

Hello Dawn, I've just seen this and I've just anwered to your other new post, so I've copied and and pasted my answer here for you

"I'm sorry to hear that Dawn, they should have told you it didn`t include allergy tests!

I'll tell you how Asia`s tests were done. My own vet did the tests, Asia was sedated to have them done and the vet also did a skin scrapping test at the same time, he sedated her because he needed to take quite a lot of blood and wanted her to be relaxed, she was knocked right out and I stayed with her all the time The tests came back in a couple of weeks and I was given a list of things she was tested for, not everything was on the list but the things that most commonly caused allergies was listed, next to each item was a grade listing from 0 to 5, so for example next to rice she had a 3 and brown fish she had a 2, spuds were a 2 and 1 for beef, there was lots of other things as well, my vet did say she had an unusually high amount of "numbered" items. She also had a tree and grasses list which showed a 2 for willow, the vet said just walking passed a willow tree could start a reaction and we did actually see her become very itchy after walking passed a willow tree. My vet said that its best to avoid even the low numbers because the test isn`t always precise, he said to keep the numbered stuff out of her diet and if I wanted to I could try introducing them one at a time to see if the itching returns, I did it for a while with treats that used potatoes and rice starch and within a month she was in a sorry state again, so now I just avoid all the numbered things on her testing list and she`s a very happy, non itchy girl, when she was itchy I couldn`t even touch her without her quivering. My vet did say that no allergy test can be dead on acurate but they are worth doing. If I was you Dawn I'd have a word with your own vet or another vet and say you want an allergy test done so that you can aliminate any foods from her diet and maybe reintroduce them one at a time, it would be far quicker than aliminting foods that you have no idea if they`re causing Marni a problem.

I think if you want an allergy test done you have every right to have one done and a vets personal opinion as to whether they work or not should stay as just their personal opinion, at least if you have it in writing you'll have something to work on. "

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Re: Anyone else's Akita got an Allergy? 08 Jan 2012 04:37 #2567

  • AkimAkita
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My friend's dog died because of severe allergic reactions which they are not aware of. The dog ate something while my friend is at work and then died because of respiratory complications.
-Natalie and Akim learning more about Akita care
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