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Wheat Free Treat Recipes
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TOPIC: Wheat Free Treat Recipes

Wheat Free Treat Recipes 24 Jan 2012 22:49 #2936

  • Suky
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Thorn is allergic to wheat, poor lad. He is very treat led and will do anything for one. I also enjoy cooking so would like to make my own treats for him.

So, I was just wondering if anyone does the same and has some recipes. If you have used ordinary flours, don't worry I know how to substitute other things for the wheat as I have cooked for coeliacs before.

Thorn says thank you with a big slobbery kiss xx

Re: Wheat Free Treat Recipes 24 Jan 2012 23:33 #2944

Pauline(Bensonsmum) cooks all Asia's treats as she has allergies & I'm sure she will give you her recipes...she's a bit poorly at the mo' as she's badly sprained her ankle & is taking things easy & is only coming on the forum for short times....I'm sure there are more members who also have recipes.....hope Thorn gets his allergy free treats soon ......Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: Wheat Free Treat Recipes 25 Jan 2012 13:51 #2954

  • Joomla
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Try these sites, there should be plenty to keep you occupied for years !!!!

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The following user(s) said Thank You: Suky

Re: Wheat Free Treat Recipes 25 Jan 2012 17:28 #2962

Hello, As Pam said, my Asia is allergic to wheat and tons of other stuff, so I've got a few treat ideas that she drawls over

I make my own oat flour for the doggy biccy`s, I don`t know if you do that? it`s very cheap and easy, I just buy a bag of porrage oats, stick them in my liquidizer and spin them into a fine flour But, incase you haven`t noticed this point, always check "ingreadients" on the back of the bag or box of oats, I know it sounds daft but My Asia once had a nasty flare up and I knew she`d eaten on allergy free stuff, but when I checked the ingreadients on the bag of oats they had "added wheat!" I use either sainbur`s organic or the co-op porrage oats

Ingreadients for biccy`s = about 12 ounces of oat flour, a few blobs of greek yogart. A glug or two of cod liver oil, an egg, some homade chicken or chicken and veg stock, cheese or honey or grated carrot (I usually make some honey bics, some cheesy bics or carrot bics) Basiacally just chuck it all in the bowl together and mix it into a pastry (you`r sound like a good cook so you'll know the right rolling consistency I'm a usless cook so I just add more ingreadients until I get it right ) The fun part is making all the biccy`s up, for some biccy`sII use those little cooky cutters, trees, little blokes ect and then I make 5 or 6 inch long sticks for her too. As a special treat, if I've got time, I make her favorites, pastry carrots wraps I just roll out the pastry thinish then I cut a carrot in half lengthways and wrap the carrots in the pasrty, she loves them! they take longer to cook than the other bics, but they`re worth doing

Oven times for bics are roughly 220 lecy fan oven (almost full blast) check them every 15 mins, then 10 mins (turn if they need it) until they`re crispy and firm

Other treats I make are, Chicken skins, I simply grill them under a medium grill until crispy. Bernard mathews turkey sandwich slicesbaked in a high oven for about 15 to 20 mins until crispy. and in the summer she likes the ocasional frozen carrot

I hope thats been of some help for you and Thorn
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Re: Wheat Free Treat Recipes 25 Jan 2012 19:36 #2973

  • Suky
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Thank you very much. It is of enormous help. The oat flour is an inspiration! We are still introducing veg and some high fibre fruit like apples to Thorn. He did not know what these were and was very wary. I make lots of encouraging, good, enjoying noises when I eat them and he is often tempted to try.

We had one disaster. I accidentally dropped some banana en route to feeding my macow and Thorn pounced on it. He loved it. But then he ate a slug as it has the same slimey texture. Oh was he ill. I don't think he will do that again, but bananas are off limits now.

We have got him well on the way with cooked vegetables so now we are starting to introduce them raw. I am also introducing some raw meat into his diet. I am a bit wary of BARF but a bit here and there will hopefully improve his condition and help him to lose a little more weight.

He was a favourite when he was in the dog's home, even though hardly anyone could hold him so he was fed lots and lots of treats and his waistline was non existant when he came to us. He has lost 6kgs this summer and is looking good.

He was in perpetual shed state when he came to us, but that seems to be settling down too. Just want to completey stop his itches and resultant chewing. His fur is growing back and the lumps of scurf are not there, so I am convinced that he is wheat intolerant after this flare up.

Thankfully, apart from that he is free of allergies.

I hope your sprained ankle is getting better. It is not a nice injury and can take longer than a break to heal. Be careful with it and take lots of rest and don't do too much once it is better for a litle while. I did and now have a permanent weakness in my left wrist.

A massive thank you for some sane and sensible info, which is often difficult to come by.

Sue and a grateful Thorn.

Re: Wheat Free Treat Recipes 26 Jan 2012 13:11 #2981

Hello Sue and Thorn, I'm so glad Asia`s recipes have been of some help

Asia was very itchy when I got her, she doesn`t scratch at all now! I had to cut out a lot of things and apart from cooking her treats I also cook her daily meals as well, so if you want a hypo allergenic dinner recipe for Thorn just let me know Asia is also allergic to rice and potatoes, most allergenic foods have rice in them and I also found that the veggy doggy treats are firmed by using rice and potatoe starch, I used to buy them for her but after a month of using them her ears flared up and she srcatching like a nutter! the pet shop lady checked it out for me and foud they were firmed by rice starch, sometimes its hard to know what to give her, there are those dried chicken and duck strips but they`re very expensive, so I'm glad she`s a carrot addict I hope thorn can get into them Asia also likes raw corgettes (I give her little squares while I'm preparing her dinner) and she loves whole frozen green beans, just one as the occasional treat I did try her on a couple of raw lamb ribs but it made her tummy bad the next day

Thank you for your advice on my ankle, I've been given absolutly no guidlines by the doctor and I rested it for over 2 weeks and yesterday I went for a 10 min short walk, today it`s hurting again I can`t take pain killers `cos they effect my stomack, I can`t walk Asia and I'm getting fat!!! so I'm a weeny bit fed up right now I think I'll do some more googling for advice

Please pass on a big cuddle to Thorn from me
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