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Update Zaks thyroid problem-or not!
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TOPIC: Update Zaks thyroid problem-or not!

Re: Update Zaks thyroid problem-or not! 14 Aug 2012 17:47 #6223

  • stellalgray
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Hi Bill

I am so sorry to hear about Zak and I can only cry along with you - no words will help at the moment, you just have to grieve. I haven't joined in this topic before because his initial symptoms were so similar to my old Sid who we lost in February that I every time I tried to write something I couldn't think of anything positive to say. At least for us Sid only suffered for 2 hours and we didn't have to make that awful decision ourselves, he just gave up and died.

Just try and remember all the happy years you have had with him and try and forget this horrible time you have been going through in the last couple of months.

My heart goes out to you - even though we only lasted two months before adopting Hugo the pain is still there when I think about Sid. Keep talking about Zak - I had to force myself to walk where I used to take Sid and although I sobbed every 'first time' I went anywhere it did help and now I can remember him with great fondness and affection when I take Hugo to the same places.

Take care

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Re: Update Zaks thyroid problem-or not! 14 Aug 2012 18:07 #6224

  • akita1
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Thanks everyone I have made another decision.I have an old runaround that was Zak,s so tomorrow its going I just would not be able to look in the mirror and not see Zak looking back at me as if to say hurry up we are supposed to be going for a walk not a ride! what hurts me is the one thing I looked foward to was getting home from work and knowing he would be waiting by the door he has not been able to do this for some time but yesterday he was there waiting for me it was as if he knew it would be the last time he would be able to greet me ,the lawn where he is looks a right mess so I am going to re seed it and put a nice rose bush there with some of those twinkling lights that come on when it gets dark.Bill&Zak.

Re: Update Zaks thyroid problem-or not! 14 Aug 2012 18:27 #6225

  • malibu2027
  • Akita Savie
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Bless the poor little mite he tried so hard for you and would be grateful you have sent him to the bridge to play and run around. its so hard and my heart goes out to you cant say anything helpful as its one thing I am dreading. I only hope I can be as brave as you are Bill please keep in touch with us. Zak is in pain no more and has you to thank you have been the everlasting mate he hoped for. Take with you the knowledge that you are the one he loved and only you could he ask to give him that one last request.

Bless you Bill love and hugs dawn xxxxx

Re: Update Zaks thyroid problem-or not! 14 Aug 2012 18:35 #6228

  • akita1
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Hi Dawn,I hope you and JD are well,being on this site is a great help because only other Akita people know how much we love our baby bears,I will not become a stranger to you all because Akitas will always be a patr of me.Bill&Zak.xxx
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Re: Update Zaks thyroid problem-or not! 14 Aug 2012 18:36 #6229

  • venus
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So sorry to hear about Zak bill. I think the rose tree is a lovely idea. I have yellow tulips that i planted when I lost mars and every year they flower it's like he is reminding me he is still with him. I'm sure you would get the same comfort. Thinking of you. Rachel
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Re: Update Zaks thyroid problem-or not! 14 Aug 2012 19:20 #6230

  • xmuadx
  • Akita Savie
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Oh Bill, what sad news, I really hoped that there would be a miracle and Zac would pull through. I'm really upset for you, I know how hard you tried to do the right things for him. Yesterday he gave you the sign that he was ready for the bridge, and you, his best mate listened, and once again, as always did your very best for him. I know we all are joining you in your tears, and although many of us weren't lucky enough to meet him Zac was part of our families and as such we grieve for him too.As you say, Only Akita lovers will understand this.
Run free Zac, you are forever in our hearts.
Take care Bill
Christine x
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