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TOPIC: Vets Bills

Vets Bills 18 Sep 2011 09:59 #419

  • oldclaypaws
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Just thought I'd raise the topic of the sort of costs that can mount up with ill animals, for anyone who rushes into taking on pets without giving this due consideration. Its possibly a significant reason for animals being PTS prematurely, being unable to be rehomed, and abandoned.

In conversation with my vet, he said he had a record of every clients expenditure since they took over the practice six years ago. A press of a button on his computer revealed that one elderly Akita and 2 middle aged cats have cost us the tidy sum of £6,300 in six years. Zumi Akita cost about £2000 in her final year aged 12.

Ruby is fully insured, but has never been ill once, touch wood. However my 14 year old cat Tiggy (bred for vivisection) has cost us about £700 in a month after a series of heart attacks.

Dont begrudge a penny of it, but many people dont realise just how much pets healthcare can add up to. What are your experiences?

Re: Vets Bills 18 Sep 2011 14:20 #427

Quite agree with you there Chris...people see cute cuddly puppies & off they go & get them without thinking about vet costs...they take into account what their food will cost, but are oblivious to the fact that their beloved pet does get ill, does have accidents etc....with my previous dogs, they were all healthy until they reached their elderly years....if I knew then what I know now about taking out pet insurance, I would have had them all insured....a few pounds a month for the insurance is far better than hundreds of pounds vet bills, which I found very hard to pay, but my lovely vet let me pay what I could afford until the bill was met....there was no way I would have given up on my pets, just had to tighten the old money belt....I'm so glad I took out insurance for Maya & Scoobie, as Maya has already cost a few hundred pounds (which I didn't have to pay) & I'm sure she will cost millions more, as she's such a Calamity Jane!!...mind you before they went to the vets I would try & cure them myself, sometimes it did work, sometimes it didn't & off to the vets we would go!!...maybe the breeders should make people more aware of the costs of taking on one of their dogs & perhaps they would think twice about the purchase & we might not have so many abandoned dogs....I know some people are finding it hard financially (I being one of them), but I think it's worth it as I've got more peace of mind now, knowing I won't have to worry about the bills......Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: Vets Bills 18 Sep 2011 14:28 #428

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I dont even want to think how much i have spent over the years on all the dogs i have had, i would probably top meself !!!
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Re: Vets Bills 18 Sep 2011 16:38 #433

  • Joanne
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Thing is as well with the cost of insurance now some people will not be able to afford it soon..i know i am thinking about not renewing mine next time as it now costs me £65 a month to insure my 2 and with the cost of everything going up but my wages staying low i am struggling...something is going to have to give soon...i spend £300 a month on fuel

Re: Vets Bills 18 Sep 2011 19:00 #436

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My Ben costs me £64 each month to insure and my cat Molly costs £18 (she is a moggy). As Ben gets older I expect to be paying anything from £70 to £80 each month. I don't think people think of this when they decide they want a pedigree.

Re: Vets Bills 18 Sep 2011 20:09 #438

  • oldclaypaws
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I don't know the age and health history of the dogs quoted, but that seems quite a lot.

I've 'premium' cover for Rube through Sainsbury's, up to £7000 for any one condition, full cost if deceased, cover for loss of holiday, rewards if lost, etc. She's never been ill and I've not claimed, but its only £13 a month at age three.

The cost of fuel is horrendous, I'm glad I've got a diesel (48 mpg).

Maybe the answer is a dog sled?
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