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TOPIC: Vets Bills

Re: Vets Bills 18 Sep 2011 20:54 #440

Yes I thought those premiums were excessively high....I'm with Direct LIne & I pay £14.50 for Maya & Scoobie.....Maya was 3yrs & Scoobie was 2yrs when I took the insurance out....I also wasn't aware that the premiums go up as the dog gets older!!....I know when you take it out when they're older it costs more.....have you looked into another insurance co. Sheila & Shelley????....I know it's a struggle with the payments, but it's better than having a bill for goodness knows how many hundreds of ££££......can't moan at the vets as they don't get any gov help & it's very rare you see a rich vet....comfortable but not rich!!....Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: Vets Bills 19 Sep 2011 05:52 #466

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Ben's insurance shot up about 3 years ago when he was first diagnosed with Arthritis.

We went with our insurer when Ben was a puppy as they offered cover for conditions such as Diabetes and Arthritis for life, whereas some cheaper insurance companies would only cover up to a certain amount or to renewal. Ben being 11 (12 in January) would probably not be able to get cover elsewhere.

I know we will be very grateful for this cover as he gets older and will need more treatment. When Ben's Arthritis was first diagnosed, the insurance paid out nearly £400 in tests, x-rays etc. so we were very grateful for having it.

The cat's insurance is high because she is old; her previous insurer decided at renewal this year, they didn't want to cover cats that were over 9 years. We shopped around and £17 was the best for the cover we wanted.

Re: Vets Bills 19 Sep 2011 12:27 #473

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As soon as Shiro hit 7yrs, my insurance payments shot up, from £17.00 a month to £23.00 a month, then when he was 8yrs it went up to £29.00 a month, i cancelled it and is what i do now is pay £5.00 every 2 wks on my account at the vets, i have a couple of hundred in now and they wont let me pay any more in till i use some of it, but at least i know i have a good amount in there if there is any need for treatment.
You could open a savings account and do this, it may be worth looking at ??
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Re: Vets Bills 19 Sep 2011 12:54 #477

That's a good way of doing it Denise, but it all depends on where your vet is??....down here they don't allow us to put money aside with them, but in the past my vet let me pay my bill in parts (which I was very thankful for)...can't see the difference myself?!...that's down south for you!!....I wasn't aware that they put the insurance up as the dog gets older & like Shiela when Ben devolped arthiritis....seems really unfair!...so the younger & healthier your dog you pay low & the older & sickly your dog you pay through the roof!!...that's when we all need financial help...got us by the short & curlies ...think I'll start putting a few pounds aside for my two for when they get older...yep good idea ....Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: Vets Bills 19 Sep 2011 14:50 #480

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Might try that Denise..get xmas out of the way and start saving.
Blade is 8 this year and it does seem to be going up 50% every year...Diva is 6 and i have never claimed for her autoimmune as i am treating her homeopathically not with steroids...never claimed for Blade since he was 1yr old either...seems very unfair.

Re: Vets Bills 19 Sep 2011 16:57 #488

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My Zac cost me a small fortune. Touch wood, Anouk has been very healthy. Had anal gland problems when she came in to rescue but put her on Burns and no problems since. The only other thing was she got an infected nail bed which was my fault for not filing them regularly. Apart from that, she has not been to the vet in 6 years.

I spoke to someone on the telephone today and his akita is 9 years old. He cancelled the insurance a year ago because it was too pricey at £35 per month. In my mind, it is the later years that would have him require the insurance. I would be too afraid to cancel it. Different strokes for different folk.
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