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raw feeding due to allergies
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TOPIC: raw feeding due to allergies

raw feeding due to allergies 19 May 2012 20:16 #5174

  • pigdog
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hi all
due to really bad skin problems, hair loss, scabs and itching i have decided (against my vets advice) to put tess my 3 year old japanese on a raw diet as a last ditch atempt, because we can not find exactly what she is allergic to i have decided to use only one type of meat for 6-8 weeks which is lamb, not knowing alot about raw diets i bought lamb- heart, liver, kidney and fillet shoulder which i proceeded to chop and mix all together with100% lamb mince, firstly is this the correct way to do it and secondly is 1.5lb mixed with 1/2lb of boiled rice a good qauntity to feed her?, she will also be getting lamb rib and lamb bone for treats. up till now tess has had hundreds spent on her in vet fees with shampoos, antibiotics, steroids, advocate's and scrapings (not bad for a dog i rescued only a year ago) any advice would be greatly apreciated. i know alot of people are against raw diets but i think tess deserves a chance to lead a healthy life itch free as through out all this she has stayed loyal, friendly and patient even with the small kids dispite being in obvious severe discomfort.

Re: raw feeding due to allergies 19 May 2012 22:18 #5177

Personally I'm not a fan of raw, I feed Asia lamb, its the only meat along with chicken that her allegies will allow her to eat, but I fry it first, it's just my own personal way of doing it

Asia's allergies were detected by deep skin scrappings and blood tests, we found that she has allergies to many things, rice being one of them and rice is in most allegenic dog foods so she was put on a very bland hyperallegenic dog food, but she didn`t like it, so I found a recipe for dog stew and adapted it to suite her (spuds were taken out and parsnips added) I boil chicken bones and lamb bones and cook the chopped veg in the stock for two hours then mash it all together with oats (checked to see if it has wheat added as she's allegic to wheat) it sets nicely and does her for the week, I add the cooked lamb, and maybe chicken to it, I get lamb off cuts from the butcher for a really good price. I also have to cook all her treats as well, I make pastry sticks for her with my own ground oat flour, I also cook turkey (she can eat turkey) slices in the oven until crispy as treats, and I grill chicken skins as treats, she loves them. Basically I prepare all her food, I did used to get her vegatable treats from the pet shop but her ears flared up and I discovered that the treats were firmed by potatoe or rice starch! which she's allergic to, you have to be so caeful about all the ingredients in things

Asia is also allergic to some grasses and trees, especially willow, she only has to walk passed a willow and she gets all itchy so I know how difficult having an alergenic can be, but stick with it and you'll soon find a food pattern that you can stick to, Asia hardley has any flare ups now
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Re: raw feeding due to allergies 20 May 2012 09:59 #5179

  • pigdog
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many thanks for input, we had scrapings ect done and came back with nothing the next step was blood tests and biopsy but the vet said it is not 100% so thats why i am doing it this way with just one source of food (except the rice which i will eliminate if there is no improvment) and raw if there is improvment then i will continue to add one more food source every 8 weeks until i have enough sources to give her a balanced vaired then i will look in to cooking her meals, last night was her first raw meal and she took to it like a duck to water out the mixture of lamb parts she only left a few pieces of liver so i cant complain and i know some people say it causes aggression but i know my dog and there are no other dogs in the equation and as for the kids tess will be fed at the same time as the kids and her dish will be removed as soon as she is finnished which i believe will remove any reason for showing aggression.

Re: raw feeding due to allergies 20 May 2012 11:49 #5182

  • Suky
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I do sympathise. We adopted Thorn in December 2010. Within a few weeks he was itching, had lots of scurf in his coat which at the ichiest points had clumped into big lumps. He chewed and made his skin raw.

Then he developed wonderful diahorrea and could not hold until he got into the garden. This distressed him and was a wonderful, terribly niffy clean up operation. Back to the vet who put him on antacids and the Royal Canin rice and lamb canned food. Gently we got him back to full health but immediately took wheat out of his diet. I have a good friend who has ceoliacs disease so know quite a bit about intolerances in humans.

We put him on a basic lamb, rice and pea diet. That is when we discovered he will only eat peas if they are cooked and pureed. I got a mincer for my Kenwood and minced all his meat. I now buy all meat from a proper butcher for us, as well as him, so I know there is no chance of any wheat contanimation. Our butcher caters for a lot of ceoliacs locally as he is so careful.

Gradually on this diet he improved. So then a little at at time we introduced different meat. He thrives on fish and begs for it. So several times a week he is feed fish. If you have a fishmonger locally, and they are rare nowadays ask if you can have the offcuts. They usually sell it as cat food. I boil it and remove any large bones but feed him the rest. Also the oil from canned fish is good so when I drain tuna for his treat biscuits he gets the oil. It definately improves their coats. Again it is important to know the kind of oil and make sure this does not irritate either. Thorn reacts to rape seed which covers most vegetable oils but not sunflower or olive oil.

You have to be very strict and make sure that you know about everything that goes into their mouths on this kind of exclusion diet. After a while, when all the itchiness has died down add one new thing at a time, about a week, as any reaction will show quickly. If Tess reacts, go back to the point where you know whatever you are feeding does not irritate. Then when she has settled you can try the next thing. It is a long, slow progress but it is oh so worth it.

We never really got him onto raw bones, he sniffed and walked away even with chicken. So now I cook. I got some great recipes from here and make all his treats with oat flour, which luckily he can tolerate. He gets fed on a wheat free biscuit mixed with raw meat. Anything I am cooking, I allow some meat for him and mince whilst I cook ours. I also tend not to add any wheat to our savoury dishes, using cornflour instead to thicken gravies etc as he loves to be part of the family and eat what we eat. He does not seem to be allergic to any meats.

Perhaps we are lucky, as Thorn is a very laid back and good tempered dog. So far he has shown no agression and will allow us to take food out of his mouth, if we are so inclined.

I got around the bone issue by buying whole bare bones from the butcher and roasting them for him. He takes ages gnawing at it all to get to the marrow on beef bones.

Sadly, a lot of it is trial and error to find out what suits your dog. I have found that Thorn loves offal but is will only eat liver if I cook it with some vegetables. Again we are lucky that potato, which we restrict, does not make him itch.

We did this for 9 months before he has settled down into a nice routine. There is also some controversy as to Akita's need to be inoculated as often as other dogs. It is something I am not sure about, but if they are sensitive to the vaccine which can be accumlative and Thorn seems to be even tho the vewt pooh poohs it, I took him 14 months after the last one. I think I will keep him to this frequency as he did not show any reaction this time.

The vet also insisted that my large dog was overweight. He is 28" at the withers and weighs 47Kg and looks great but vet insists he should be no more than 40 kg. Sadly Thorn disagrees and he is permanately hungry on the quantity that keeps him at that level and he is not a greedy dog. So, my view is get to know your dog and then listen to the vet and disregard anything you don't like!

Lots of us have similar problems with our bear dogs as they are notorious for their allergies....... I am sure the others as well as me will be happy to give you recipes and more ideas.

Lots of luck with Tess and keep us informed.

Sue & Thorn
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Re: raw feeding due to allergies 20 May 2012 12:12 #5185

  • AkitaInu
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Lamb and beef are very heating meats, so generally not advised if they're itchy. Chicken is usually the least likely to cause problems, followed by fish then lamb then beef. Veg is less likely to cause a reaction than potato, which is less likely to cause a reaction than rice.

Personally I feed no rice, potato or veg at all. Just meat, offal and bones as my dogs do best on that. Others I know feed carbs and their dogs do best on that, it's a case of working out what they need. Mine get 600g per day (split into 2 meals) although it varies slightly depending on workload and show fat they look at the time.

Obviously if he's intolerant to something specific then you want to avoid that. I know one akita who can't have any meat proteins, only fish.

It depends if you're trying to 'go raw' or if you are trying to find out what he's allergic to by using an exclusion diet. there's slightly different approaches depending on what you're trying to achieve.
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