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Tick treatments and repellants
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TOPIC: Tick treatments and repellants

Tick treatments and repellants 16 Jun 2012 08:14 #5634

  • oldclaypaws
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Doing quite a bit of research on this and have concluded the following;

Dont use human repellants such as DEET and pyrethrin, DEET is toxic to cats/dogs and pyrethrin although in some cheap dog repellants is quite toxic to cats and fish.

Advocate is good for fleas and other nasties but has limited effect on Ticks- although all of Rubes ticks seem dead when we'd only used it.

Frontline does fleas and ticks, although not all the other nasties Advocate sorts out like various worms and mites.

The best all round natural repellants seem to be essential oils Lavender oil and Lemonny oils such as lemon-grass, lemon-oil and citronella, used as a spot on beyween the shoulder blades,

I'm going to give Rubes a quick frontline spray, paying particular attention to the neck, ears, underside and (carefully) face cheeks and then put Lavender oil between her shoulders.

If that fails, theres always the option of Napalm on the woods, but that doesnt do a lot for the primroses !

Re: Tick treatments and repellants 16 Jun 2012 12:28 #5637

  • oldclaypaws
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Talked to my vet who suggested a 'Scalibor' collar, until I told him I had cats (its poisonous to cats), and they seem to cause an adverse reaction in a percentage of dogs, blistering skin, etc.

Theres a new one coming out called 'Seresto' which is supposed to be very effective and can also be used on cats.

If your dog gets ticks, it stands an increasing chance of picking up some very nasty diseases (they can also be potentially lethal on humans as well). My vet has had it twice -picked up in his garden, and a wildlife chap I met the other day was very rough from a tick bite/Lymes- his face muscles were badly affected (Bells Palsy) -its like having a stroke. Nasty.

Next time I'll send them sub aqua diving down the pan with enthusiasm.

Re: Tick treatments and repellants 16 Jun 2012 12:55 #5638

  • xmuadx
  • Akita Savie
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Thanks for all the info, been trying to decide what would be the best for our two. I had decided on Frontline and citronella, would have used lavender oil but I'm allergic to it so it wouldn't TICK all the boxes for me. It occurs tome that we safeguard our dogs better than ourselves!

Re: Tick treatments and repellants 16 Jun 2012 13:32 #5639

  • oldclaypaws
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This is pretty gruesome, but shows the effectiveness of the new collar. It might make you scratch. Follow the link and play the video on the right, efficicacy against ticks.

I think its a big concern if you go wherever there are likely to have been deer, woods, long grass, etc.

Rubes has had ten this week and at that rate if we don't do something its only time before she picks up an infection. Hopefully she hasnt already !


Re: Tick treatments and repellants 23 Jun 2012 10:18 #5690

  • stellalgray
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Has anyone had any experience of using either citronella or lavender oil against ticks - do you just put it on the creature or on the dog? Is there anything else you can spot treat them when you see them?

The reason I ask is because I found a tick just alongside Hugo's eye this morning but am not very keen on keep putting chemicals on him and I just hate the thought of putting a collar on him sending vapours up into his system.

He had Advocate a few weeks ago so know he is due for another dose but because Sid never had a single flea or tick in the 12 years we had him I was hoping to get away without having to perpetually treat Hugo. Suppose Sid's long hair was the best deterrent.

Ever since Hugo was first treated he has had a constant nibble around the top of his back leg - not badly enough to make him go bald but something that obviously irritates him from time to time - can't see anything but it is where his fur is very dark underneath. I just hope this wasn't an allergy caused by the vaccinations as it started almost the day after he had his first treatment which is why I am loathe to put more on now.

I bought a Beapher natural spray product which I applied last night on the area he bites and he doesn't seem to be nibbling this morning so hope that may be successful - unfortunately it is for fleas and not ticks - haven't seen any fleas at all but that doesn't mean to say there aren't any lurking there. Have used a flea comb and still seen nothing

Would appreciate any advise on what others have experienced - of course, if it is in Hugo's best interests I will take him back to the vet for the 'official' treatments.


Re: Tick treatments and repellants 23 Jun 2012 11:54 #5691

  • oldclaypaws
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It seems Advocate will kill a Tick over a few hours but doesnt repel them.

In the last week I've successfully gone from 10 Ticks to one. I sprayed her with frontline (which does kill Ticks) and put about 5 or 6 drops of lavender oil between her shoulder blades (spot on place).

90% successful.

Waiting for a seresto collar.

To remove Ticks, if the dog is treated with advocate they will probably be dead and easy to remove. If they are alive (head buried in the dog) kill them by putting either frontline or something like spirit alcohol on them (liquid soap also works). After an hour use tweezers or long fingernails or a plastic tick remover from the vet to get hold as close to the skin as possible, then twist off while pulling. They usually come off with a 'click' noise. (Wht they are called ticks?)

Good luck
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