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Hugo's hips
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TOPIC: Hugo's hips

Re: Hugo's hips 05 Aug 2012 20:00 #6120

  • stellalgray
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He does love to drink water out of anywhere other than his bowl. Last night we had all gone to bed and suddenly heard this really loud lapping sound - my younger son shot out of his bedroom to see what the noise was - yes, you've guessed, he was drinking out the toilet!

Unfortunately, when we took Hugo back to the vet on Friday for his check up we had the vet that is scarred of big dogs - he was very nervous of Sid so we used to avoid going to him. Didn't realise he still worked there until we went in to the surgery and he backed against the wall and asked if Hugo was all right with people! The nice young vet who did the operation got down on his hands and knees with his head right underside his belly when he checked but with this one we had to haul Hugo up on to the table. Honestly, it was ridiculous.

I asked him to explain about the x-rays and all he would say was the joint didn't fit in the hip properly and didn't mention scores at all. I asked about exercise as I wondered if getting some weave poles might help to build up the muscle and keep him subtle. He brushed it aside and said the only options were surgery and keeping his weight down. I really DON'T like that man at all.

As Hugo doesn't appear to be in pain at the moment I don't want to really start giving him medication but if others have had experience of glucosamine/chondroitin in a young dog then it is certainly something worth considering.

Incidentally, when Sid was getting old he used to go through bouts of being very stiff and could hardly stand up and as we physically couldn't get him in the car to go to the vet (he was 11.5 stone) I did some research on the internet and found paracetamol was OK to use in dogs. As he was the same weight at a human adult I gave him the same dose and within hours he would be like a spring chicken! I don't know if this is regarded as totally taboo but it certainly worked for him.

Re: Hugo's hips 05 Aug 2012 22:37 #6122

He's a funny boy isn't he My old Benny would only drink water from the pond! he wouldn't touch the water in his bowl unless it was a hot day if he wanted a drink he would ask to go out for a drink of pond water

That vet who's scared of big dogs sounds usless, can you ask to see the better vet who did the op on Hugo? he sounds like my old vet who took care of my old Benny, he was great with him and Benny felt at ease on every visit, so did Asia until we moved.

Glucosamine/chondroitin is a natural suppliment, I used to give ut to my Benny, he started on it from the age of 3, he was on rymadly from the age of 2 when he was diognosed with athritis in his hips and rear legs due to a complicated bone growth problem which he had an operation to sort out, when they did the op they found that he had early onset arthritis due to the bones rubbing together, he did really well with the glucosamine/chondroitin, no side effects at all we used the human capsules from Holland and Barretts but we talked to the vet about the dose, the vet askedto see the ingreients so we took the bottle to him and he looked at the ingredients and gave us the correct dose to give Benny The Holland and Barrett caps were massivly cheaper than the original animal suppliments that Benny originally had, they cost £90-00! the holland and barretts cost about £5-00 or £6-00! So, Benny was very young to have arthritis but he managed very well sometimes on cold days he would be a bit stiffer but the vet would up his rymadyl a bit We were also advised to avoid any steep gradients or strenuous walking with him, he liked to have a little sit down every 10 or 15 mins as well Just tlaking about my old Benny reminds me how much I still miss him, he was such an amazing dog, his calmness always made me feel relaxed

The paraceatamol sounds interesting, I lived next door to a vet for a year and she told me to give my dog (a gsd collie cross, a proper nutter ) half an asprin to ease the pain of a dog bite, but she said only to use it for a couple of days, I don't know if that's the same for paraceatamol, I have a feeling that most animal pain killers are the same as human ones anyway, just more expensive!
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Re: Hugo's hips 05 Aug 2012 23:49 #6126

  • Teresa
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Hi Stella, I love to read about Hugo's antics. Hes a mischevious little chap who has clearly landed on his feet. He makes me laugh.
He will put a bit of weight on now he has been neutered, he looks very healthy in his pics.
I dont think you would be able to move his insurance now, on any new policy you would have to declare any pre existing condition, well done for having such a good policy in place for him. Who are you with?
I wouldnt be without insurance for the dogs. Cover for life is really good and its amazing how much piece of mind it gives you isnt it.
Its good that you have found out while he is young and you can monitor his diet and activities etc
If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !
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