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Hungry Boy eats anything
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TOPIC: Hungry Boy eats anything

Hungry Boy eats anything 28 Oct 2012 09:18 #7174

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After my beautiful boy Ben recently died, we couldn't live without a fur baby in the house, so we now have a new boy called Monty. He is a 5 month old lovely soft red/white/brindle teddy bear.

Apart from being the usual puppy (bouncing tigger like, eating shoes and my knickers), he wants to eat all the time. I give him 200 gms of Royal Canin Puppy biscuit twice a day and a few snacks. He eats everything really quickly with the result that he hiccups. Also, he eats plants in the garden and has taken to eating the soil of my indoor orange and lemon trees. When we got him he ate his own poo, but only does this if he has had a poo in the house which isn't often.

He was wormed by the breeder every two weeks.

Is Monty just growing or just greedy?

Re: Hungry Boy eats anything 28 Oct 2012 17:03 #7179

  • Teresa
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Puppies are greedy little monsters and will eat anything they can get to. They would eat until they burst if we let them lol
As long as he has been regularly wormed I wouldnt worry about it. At least he has a good healthy appetite. We wormed our puppy monthly until 6 months of age then 3 monthly. You can do it more often if they are "eaters"
They all go through phases of eating things they shouldnt, like a baby everything goes in their mouth, to taste feel and discover. If it tastes good eat it, if it tastes bad eat it anyway.
Worth checking your plants to make sure none of them are toxic. Other than that I wouldnt worry.
Sounds like a healthy mischevious little lad to me
If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !

Re: Hungry Boy eats anything 28 Oct 2012 23:49 #7193

I'm glad Monty is helping to ease the pain of losing your Ben, he sounds like a cute little bear piccy's?

The piggyness sounds normal puppy to me, my old Benny was very piggy when he was puppy, he sucked food up like a vacum cleaner!!! but it changed as he got older, he became very fussy I also had a yougster who ate his poo, sometimes he'd bring it in from the garden and offer it as a pressy to me!!!! I asked the vet about it and he rechoned that it's nothing to worry about, he said (which I had to laugh at ) that if it tasted nice going in it must taste nice when its come out as well to the pup! and just to make sure to pick it up imediatly after he's dumped if it's not there for him to eat he'll soon get out of the habbit of eating it The same puppy also ate my shoes, settee's, carpets, net curtains and other home funishings!
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Re: Hungry Boy eats anything 30 Oct 2012 15:26 #7219

Akitas are big dogs as you know and are generally just greedy, well some of them anyway, especially when they are pups! Like the others say, when dogs are puppies they tend to just want to eat and chew EVERYTHING they can get their little dagger teeth on

Don't worry too much but if you get really worried about it worm more often and if that doesn't do any good maybe check up with your vet! He sounds like a perfectly healthy and very typical little Akita bear pup to me though!

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your gorgeous Ben but I bet it is amazing to have the little pitta patta of paws in the family again!

RIP Ben!

Hope Monty is doing good! And you know pictures are never a bother and are always completely welcome! *cough* HINT *cough* HINT *cough*

Jessica and Charlie Boy and Inka and Nushka!

Re: Hungry Boy eats anything 30 Oct 2012 22:12 #7227

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Thank you for the kind words and reassurance. I guess I had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy in the house.

Monty is going to be larger than Ben; he may only be 5 months but he has nearly knocked me off my feet.

He can eat his meals in under 2 minutes whereas Ben would take ages to eat his meals.

I will post pictures of him once he stands still long enough.

One thing that makes me laugh is that he too lies in the most awkward of places.
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