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FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak
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FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak 29 Oct 2012 12:15 #7194

  • shammas
  • Bear Puppy
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Hi Guys

I noticed that for the last couple of weeks, my 7.5 month old Hachi has been filtering out the human food (mixer) out of the bowl and leaving out all the dry food, at the time he was on advanced nutrition Large breed, Last Wed, I started the transition to Royal canine Giant breed Junior, obviously it was a hard one as he was not eating dry food at the first place, when I realized that he had shown some interest in the new dry food, I decided against the gradual transition, especially that Hachi is blessed with a very good digestive system (not a single diarrhea episode ever)

since Wed, I had refused to crack and give him any human food, I did the whole leave the bowl down for few minutes and pick it up thing, today is the sixth day since the new strict situation and I kid you not, He had only 3 meals since. I am really worried that I am compromising his growth and well being in a delegate growth period that he's at.

shall I crack and give him other things to eat and delay this weaning off to a later stage when he is bigger and older?

or at least shall I leave his bowl down so instinct would kick in and he eats when he is hungry?

it's a behavioral vs well being challenge in my head and I am really concerned.

on a second note, is it normal that he still (squeaks) a lot whenever he is bored or he wants something, and shall I ignore the squeak like most advice or tell him off when he does it?

Thanks in advance for your valuable replies

Re: FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak 29 Oct 2012 13:01 #7195

  • Joomla
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Now it begins, the Akita attitude is kicking in I would'nt worry about the eating, he is being picky and they are a very stubbourn breed and will beat you most times when it comes to mind games.
I always put "human food" in with my boys dried food, i dont think i would like muslie 24/7 and at every meal, i add chicken , rice minced beef/lamb, tuna etc it is good for their coat, joints and taste buds

The squeaking is your boy talking, they can be good talkers at times and have an opinion about most things my boy is 10yrs now and still talks, but more grumpy old man
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Re: FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak 29 Oct 2012 13:32 #7196

  • shammas
  • Bear Puppy
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I was doing that with the food, I added the rice, the meats, even raw fish, It was all good until he completely stopped having dry food, I am talking about a very efficient picking machine, not even 10% of the dry food is eaten in a mixed bowl.

do you think the nutritional values of the dry food are over-rated and I should just mix again and settle for what he gets from our food?

and if that squeaking is talking, then all hachi says these days is "I am bored, the 2 hours walk were not enough, get me out of here"

Re: FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak 29 Oct 2012 20:41 #7201

  • Teresa
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My Tia used to pick at her food.
Sometimes she would self starve for 2/3 days and I used to be frantic with worry.

I soak her dry food, sometimes I put tuna (in spring water not brine). I also buy frozen fish from the supermarket, and I add chicken too. Sometimes I just use dog gravy and others I add vegetables.
I do think its good to vary the diet as it must be awfully boring eating the same thing everyday.
Since doing the above her eating habits are brilliant and she loves dinner times.

She also woo's and howls loads, I love it when she does. She grumbles just like shes having a good old moan.
Hachi is lovely btw
If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !

Re: FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak 30 Oct 2012 15:11 #7215

I am sure Hachi will be fine, he is just being a typical Akita, my two both did this, they got James Well Beloved nutrition Large breed and they went off it they then got extra large tins of Chappie food and they loved it, they then got the Nutrition dog food large with rice, chicken, sometimes minced beef in and all sorts but they also got raw fed diets, so they were really healthy, they got salmon oil for there coat and joints too when Inka got arthritis and Nushka got a little stiff!

I hope Hachi is doing well though!

Jessica and Charlie Boy

Re: FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak 30 Oct 2012 23:06 #7228

My old benny was a very fussy eater, when he was young he would only eat dry food with chum (no other dog food...just chum) mixed in it, then he went off that and eventually he only ate chicken and rice, I would put a multi vit mix in it, he ate that for most of his life along with proper doggy treats, he'd still enjoy mini doggy bone biscuits, dog sausages, chew sticks (but only red ones) the vet said he was okay so we never fussed too much maybe you've got a fuss pot and it will just be trial and error to see what he really enjoys personally I can see why dry food isn't very tempting, do you add water to make a bit of a gravy? that might make it more palitable for him, or add some homemade lamb, beef or chicken bone stock, maybe cook a mix of bones to make a stock, my asia loves the home made stock I boil up for her

As for the squeeking, my Benny could squueek for England! he would do it all the time, Asia just does it first thing in the morning I miss my Benny's akita "talk"
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