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FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak
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Re: FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak 05 Nov 2012 18:16 #7255

  • xmuadx
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We give our 10 month and our 4 month old foster Arden Grange Large breed Puppy food,they dont eat it all the time some is left in the bowls,but,if i grate some cheese on it or dollop some plain natural yoghut over it they allways eat it they also get other little treats mixed in now and again,our other three year old gets the same treatment as the other two but she is more selective and some times goes two to three days without eating much at all,she is very good at managing her own weight and is constantly between 31.5kgs and 32kgs,so i wouldnt tend to worry too much unless the dog was loosing a lot of weight.
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Re: FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak 02 Dec 2012 11:35 #7489

  • shammas
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Thank you guys for all the replies and sorry for the late reply. Hachi is now close to 9 months and the feeding is much better, mainly based on your advises, he gets BOB and LUSH dry and wet food and plenty of fresh foods. Growth rate is definitely still high

The squeaking is a few types, I get the talking type which I love. the one I was talking about is the higher pitch constant complaint sort of squeak, mainly done when he's trying to rush me getting ready for a walk.

and now he howls very very loud as soon as I leave him at home alone, the howling starts 2 mins after I leave and could go on for an hour, I know he should be ignored when he does it but my neighbors don't seem to agree

I am starting a new topic to ask about our living situation just in case it can be helpful to someone else, I can't wait to hear your valuable comments on it. I'll talk to you all there

hope you all having a great weekend, off to the heath with Hatchi now.

Re: FOOD FOOD FOOD and squeak 02 Dec 2012 23:42 #7497

He sounds like a very vocal akita just like my old Benny was I'm glad you're working out what his numerous "phrases" mean

As for the howling, I had the exact same problem with Benny when we moved to a new house, he would howl every time he was left alone, I would get home from the shops and there would be a stick up note on my front door from my horrilble neighbour telling me that Benny had been making "terrible" noises! but to cut a long story short, the neighbour called the dog warden on me! but I stuck with the training rutine and I would leave him for short times like 10 mins then I built it up by 5 mins at time, I used to leave a tape recorder on (90 min tape) to check if he'd howled while I was out, I'd also go out and just sit outside the house, where Benny couldn't see me, and I'd wait until he howled then I'd give it 5 mins and go indoors, this was also a good way of seeing if his howling was easing up, after about a month Benny stopped howling, he still made some little noises but not enough to irritate my horrible neighbour Another tip is to completly ignore him when you leave the house, and when you return ignore him, I know its very hard to do but by ignoring him you're sending him the message the going out and leaving him is a "matter of fact" thing, I know how tempting it is to greet him when you get home, but just give it a few mins before he gets his fuss and hello so that he doesn't connect the fuss with you coming home, eventually when his behaviour changes you can say a little hello to him when you get home There is another little thing that might work, when you go out give him a little treat so that he connects you going out with something pleasant, that sometimes works But consistency is the important thing and when he stops his howling you can slacken the "rules" a bit
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