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TOPIC: Inoculation

Inoculation 28 Dec 2012 14:05 #7742

  • johnc
  • Bear Puppy
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I have read and been told that Akita's should not be Inoculated because this effects their immune system. I tried to do relevant searches on the Internet (Very confusing answers) and also had a chat with our Vet who posted it on his VeT Forum andthe answer seems to be Inoculate
So friends what is the answer.

Re: Inoculation 28 Dec 2012 19:30 #7750

  • AkitaInu
  • Proud and Loud
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At a seminar earlier this year with Jean Dodds (who does a lot of research on vaccinosis) her recommendation was to do the initial puppy vaccinations ( but the first one at 10-12 weeks) and the first booster. Then they are _probably_ covered for most of the diseases (lepto being an exception). If there is any adverse reaction to the vaccination either immediately or soon after then don't re-vaccinate. It does depend a little on what you do and where you go as to the rules on what particular travel/competing bodies require.

Not to vaccinate at all leaves your dog open to catching the diseases which can be equally, if not more, serious so there is no perfect answer.

Re: Inoculation 16 Jan 2013 11:49 #7915

  • malibu2027
  • Akita Savie
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This is very interesting as I haven't had JD inoculated since his Auto immune kicked in as they said the steroids counteract the jabs and also he was in such a bad way I wasn't going to add more stress to his life. But he got ill about 2 years old will have to think back if it was before his boosters or after xxxx

Re: Inoculation 16 Jan 2013 15:48 #7921

There's anther thing to consider if you don't innoculate, if you had to kennel your dog in an emergency no kennel will take them in without inoculations and you have to have a few weeks waiting period after the inoculations to let them "set in" so if you need to kennel ya dog it has to be inoculated and boostered
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Re: Inoculation 16 Jan 2013 17:16 #7923

  • Joomla
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With the Isurance you could check to see if they would allow a titre test to show your dog is still covered, also see about the kenneling if they would allow it ???
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