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Up date on Asia's leg
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TOPIC: Up date on Asia's leg

Up date on Asia's leg 21 Jan 2013 17:27 #7978

Asia went back to the vet this morning for another check on her crucial (I don't know if I've spelt right) ligament. She's been resting all week, well as much as we've been able to rest her. Baisically the vet said the leg is no worse but no better, she explained the operations that could be needed if it doesn't improve, one is a big one in cambridge, the other is just to fix the ligament by binding it with something or other, but this could cause arthritis in 2 or 3 years, so if she has to have an op we think we'll go for that one because she's 8 years old and arthritis at 10 or 11 is proberly inevitable anyway, I really don't want to put her through a big op unless really, really neccassary

So she's still on very strict rest, she can only go out on a lead to the garden to do her jobs then it's back to the settee or bed and that's it. luckily the metacam is working well and she's very perky, but she does want to play and present me with her teddy to play tug and I have to say no to her She's a very lazy girl anyway so she's sleeping a lot I miss walking her in the snow and I know she gets very bored and stairs out of the window for ages. If anyone has any ideas on things to d othat keep her still but can stimulate her poor old bored brain I be very gratefull

She's back to the vets next Monday, fingers crossed there's some improvement
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Re: Up date on Asia's leg 21 Jan 2013 19:45 #7986

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Will she play tug lying down Pauline ?/ You could try hiding things and she can go hunting for them ??

Cant really think of anything else, will keep looking for ideas for you Pauline.
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Re: Up date on Asia's leg 22 Jan 2013 11:40 #7990

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Inja had the TTO operation at that age of 10 years old (and he's a 35kg GSD) and although it was a long recovery (we took 5 months to full fitness) he stopped limping within the first 4 weeks and he's now back running 4km three times a week with no problems. He may need the other one fixing fairly soon though but the one that got fixed has given no issues at all. It was done by our vet.

Teaching her static tricks, or scent stuff is good for keeping her busy, also freeze her food in a kong or give her a big knuckle bone will means it takes her longer to eat. Keeping her very lean is also a huge help as every additional pound will put more strain on the leg.

Re: Up date on Asia's leg 22 Jan 2013 18:41 #7993

Asia's tendon hasn't completly snapped so the we and the vet are hoping we can save her from the op if we give her complete rest and alllow the tendon to heal on it's own

The frozen kong is a great idea I've just filled her kong with chicken, low fat soft cheese, grated carrot and broken up turky slices and stuffed it in the freezer, I think she's going to love it
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