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Nice to be back 02 Feb 2013 23:22 #8084

  • Suky
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Hi everyone,

Apologies that I have not been on the board for some time. A nasty bit of ill health put me in hospital a couple of times towards the end of last year and now poor Thorn had to have an operation on Thursday.

He has had a tumour in his mouth which was growing around the roots of two of the small front teeth in the front of his lower jaw. It was so big that it was displacing his lower canine, was pushing his lower lip out and made eating difficult and that was only the small bit that showed. The biggest mass was behind his teeth. Understandably he has not been his usual bouncy self for a while.

It was very quick growing as it first showed in mid October. Sadly, it coincided with me being in hospital and my poor husband was so occupied with rushing back and fro to the hospital that he did not get to the vet for two weeks with Thorn. The vet was not too bothered at first as the mass was small and by Christmas told us to stop him chewing and come back in a month. What Akita does not love to chew!

Well, two weeks later his lip was hanging forward as it had grown so much so two weeks ago Xrays and a biopsy was done. The resultes indicated that it is benign but the whole tumour has now been sent off for testing. We will not know the results for another 7-10 days.

It is going to be a bit of an anxious wait again while Thorn is making piteous noises while his mouth heals.
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Re: Nice to be back 03 Feb 2013 17:21 #8085

  • xmuadx
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Hi, welcome back! Well, what a bad time you've been having, hope your health is sorted now.
Fingers crossed that all is going to be ok for Thorn. Don't they worry us, these bears of ours?

Re: Nice to be back 04 Feb 2013 00:01 #8086

good to see you back, sorry to hear about your ill health and I hope you're feeling better now Por Thorn it sounds like he's been in the wars too, fingers crossed the results come back with good results
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Re: Nice to be back 04 Feb 2013 12:51 #8092

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It sounds like you have been in the wars this past 6mths, i hope you are much better now. Poor Thorn i will be thinking of you and Thorn and hope you get good results back. Have the vets used Tramodol as a painkiller for him?? i have found that quiet a few Akitas do get very whinghey and depressed when on this. Ask the vet to change his painkiller and you should find he perks up better.
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Re: Nice to be back 04 Feb 2013 17:17 #8097

  • Suky
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Thank you for the welcome back and Thorn is loving the sympathy.

Denise, our vet gave us two Tramadol for the second and third nights. He also has another, big one, in his meal in the mornings. We were amused to see that the Tramadol really spaced him out. I wish my camera had been handy to take a photo of the cool dude.

He is slowly getting better and today let me look at his jaw. There is a huge crater where the teeth are missing which is black as they cauterised it to stop any bleeding. That tumour was really huge.

Gradually we are adding to his food so that he gets some crunch too. Although he loves the rice meals, he does get bored with them quickly. He is longing to chew a bone as these have been forbidden for 2 months so far and he is an Akita who was born to chew. Bones, thankfully.

Now that we have cottoned on that the whining is for sympathy it is gradually waning. This is one darn clever dog, who learns at the speed of light. Lots of hugs and cuddles are in place for the moment and are being enjoyed by him and me. However, this morning while I was having a quiet lie in as I overdid things yesterday there was this awful, low, mournful howling. My husband had left for work and Thorn was not impressed about being left alone. He had totally forgotten that I was in bed!

Re: Nice to be back 05 Feb 2013 15:27 #8106

You said "there was this awful, low, mournful howling"

That howl always gets to me, poor Thorn thought he wasall on his own I bet you got a surprised wag when he saw that you were there
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