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Nice to be back
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TOPIC: Nice to be back

Re: Nice to be back 07 Feb 2013 12:49 #8138

  • Suky
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Laughing, especially as I am not into one upmanship but Christmas Eve???? Yikes even I am not brave enough to do that.

I am sort of fixed but there is some damage they cannot fix and I have just have to learn to cope with it and now I am kind of resting but also trying to get fit again.

I was really naughty today as I have not been cleared to talk Thorn for a walk but I reckoned if I timed it properly we would not see kids, not see others walking their dogs and if those are not on his horizon he walks like a proper gentleman and does not pull.

Yippee, got it right. The kids were in school and the parents or grandparents had gone home or to work for a rest from their little darlings. Great walk and I feel much better for doing it.

Mind you I did sit over a lovely mug of coffee for half an hour when we got back.

You take care too. Sue xxxx

Re: Nice to be back 04 Apr 2013 21:01 #8530

  • Suky
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Hiya everyone.

I have not been around again for a while as I took a turn for the worse and been rather poorly. It is a bit hit and miss as to if and when I can walk Thorn as I have become 'fragile'.

We are worried about Thorn again. The area they removed started to grow again. At first we thought it was just a bit of scar tissue, but then we could see a big lump under his tongue and the growth protruding through the gap caused by him losing 2 front teeth during the last operation.

So it was back to the vet. Now, this time we were certain he would not like going there. Nah, he had to prove us wrong and literally mugged our vet and covered her from head to toe in fur. I do wish he he had a little more decorum.

She was not pleased with the progress and wanted to talk to others about this. Well, she got back to us this week and he needs a further operation with bone from his jaw removed. A much bigger op than last time and is going to cost at least 3 arms and 4 legs. That news stressed me quite a bit so it was back to hospital time again for me. Between the 2 of us we are keeping health professionals in work.

We are seeing the retired head of surgery at the local University Vetinary Unit soon to find out the ramifications for Thorn. He is such a handsome dog and I am distraught that he may have huge difficulties in eating, he lives to chew and may not be able to attack bones and there is a possibility of being badly disfigured. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

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Re: Nice to be back 05 Apr 2013 10:55 #8531

  • xmuadx
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Hi Sue
Just when you thought things were beginning to look up? So sorry you are having health problems again, I hope when you get Thorn sorted you will pick up too. I can imagine how stressful it all is, really the uncertainty of it all adds to the problem. From what I have heard and seen our Akitas are very adaptable , and get over ops and life changes far quicker than imagined. Remember Thorn won't know how he looks, he will still be a proud handsome bear. As for the lacking the ability to chew his beloved bones, I'm sure he will find a way to still enjoy them.
Anyway, hopefully it won't come to that, and I'm sure everyone is rooting for you and your boy.

Re: Nice to be back 05 Apr 2013 12:49 #8532

  • Joomla
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I am so sorry to hear that you have been so poorly again, and i for sure that Thorn's problems will not be helping your recovery.

I know a GSD boy that has had to have all his lower jaw removed, you can hardly see that it is missing, it just looks like he has his tonge hanging out the side of his mouth. They do have to feed him by hand as he can not pick food up.
You know Thorn and what he is able to cope with and you have to bare in mind age, fitness etc to make the best decission for him.
Fingers and toes crossed for you and Thorn, and sending healing thoughts to you both.
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Re: Nice to be back 05 Apr 2013 15:14 #8535

  • Suky
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Thank you for the encouraging words. I have just come on here after speaking to the vet that we started this journey with.

Thorn has to have a rostral mandibulectomy and he is going to lose his bottom canines and they are going to take perhaps as much as an inch out of the length of his jaw bone. He should not have any problem eating but his tongue may hang out further and so drool more. More? He's already a big drool machine. Even on the highest non slip flooring we could find for the kitchen, his drool makes us skate!

We know this has to be done as he cannot keep having surgery to remove this mass. We had hoped that the last surgery would have done the trick, but being an Akita......... Other than the growth in his mouth, he is in great health. He is still fairly young, at about 5. He acts like a puppy too. He is the daftest of dogs and adores all the staff at the Vet's and quite happily goes there even after his last, very painful surgery. In fact, he cries because we won't take him in when our walk takes us past the surgery which is only around the corner from us. In turn, they all adore him; he is very good and lets them do almost anything to him.

We just know that this is going to be a lot more painful so I guess we are going to have a spaced out dog again for a few days as he will have to have a lot of Tramadol. Since my last post, our vet has done a lot of searching and has come up with a wonderful surgeon who is prepared to do this for Thorn for about a quarter of the price. Just because he is a rescue dog. Isn't that wonderful?

Phew, I thought we were going to have to sell or pawn most of our valuables to pay for this, but he is worth it.

I am having a better day today and it looks as I am going to have more work done on me too, but will update you when I know more. At the moment they have me wired up with electrodes all over so that they can see what happens whilst I am out of hospital. This cold weather is not good for me and I am getting stir crazy from being indoors.

Again thank you all for your well wishes.


Re: Nice to be back 05 Apr 2013 22:39 #8536

Sorry to hear that Thorn needs more surgery, but like Denise I also know of aa GSD who had a large amount of his jaw removed, he managed very well, just drawled alot more, but his temperment didn't change at all It's great that a vet is going to do the job at a reduced rate due to Thorn being a rescue, that's so very kind Thorn is young and strong, he'll pull through and be back to his old self again soon

I'm sorry to hear about your health, it sounds like a bad time for you right now, but things will pick up and you and Thorn will be all better soon
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