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Asia's ongoing leg problem update
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TOPIC: Asia's ongoing leg problem update

Asia's ongoing leg problem update 28 May 2013 14:22 #8848

Asia went back to the vet yet again this morning, another check up. The vet said there is improvement so the though of another op is on hold for now She's a bit slow to recover but the vet said any improvement is good, when the vet manipulates her leg her leg it isn't "clicking" anymore, the vet said she's still a bit low on muscle formation on the bad leg, but that should come back in time So it's all a bit slow but at least it's positive She goes back in another 3 weeks. The bill is getting bigger and bigger! I've sent to insurance form in but I don' know how much we'll get back they have so many things that they won't pay out on fully, e.g. vet fees, whatever that means, but they only pay a percentage of that, the premiums will go through the roof this year! But my special girl is getting better and that's all that counts
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Re: Asia's ongoing leg problem update 29 May 2013 19:23 #8859

  • xmuadx
  • Akita Savie
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The thing is we will do anything for our dogs, won't we? Pleased to hear that things are improving for Asia. Really, when you think of the same injury and op in a human, the recovery time is amazing. Although Im sure it seems slow to you.

Re: Asia's ongoing leg problem update 30 May 2013 13:33 #8863

Yes you're right dogs do heal very quick, when I did my ankle in last year it took 5 months to be up and about again! and even now I still get pain in it, proberly arthritis, so I think maybe Asia will always have a bit of a lilt in her stride and proberly a bit of arthritis setting in, she's 8 years old so I think she's done really well and if we had to we'd spend every penny we have to make her feel better ........hmmmm...hang on... we nearly have spent all our savings! lol fingers crossed the insurance pays out
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Re: Asia's ongoing leg problem update 01 Jun 2013 12:04 #8881

I m relieved to here that the beautiful Asia is healing well and on the road to full recovery! I would do anything for my dogs! Remember the time when I had to jump in a river for little Charlie Boy? You may not remember but I did post the story on! I was freezing as was my little boy, but we went in a well earned hot bath when we got home - together as well! But he is my boy, so I don't care!

Re: Asia's ongoing leg problem update 01 Jun 2013 22:36 #8889

Oh yes I remeber that story Jessica, I thought you were very brave, I know a lot of people say leave the dog and don't put your life at risk, but when we love our dogs so much we don't think, we just go all out to save them I'd do the same for my Asia

Thank you for your good thoughts on my special girl
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Re: Asia's ongoing leg problem update 03 Jun 2013 19:03 #8904

  • Teresa
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Im glad the op is on hold for a while

We spoil them rotten dont we, theyre like our children but less answering back

What on earth do the insurance mean by "vets fees"? is that the consultation etc? I would have thought that was included in the claim. Mine is, when I have claimed, I claim for everything that comes after we have used the £90 excess and that includes consultation fees.

Very puzzled
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